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Efficient K9 Solutions

1548 S Missouri Ave Ste 101, Clearwater, FL

Hello, My name is Michael Novich and I am a professional K-9 Trainer / Owner of Efficient K9 Solutions LLC serving the greater Tampa Bay Area. I am a Florida native, grew up here and love it here. I am a huge animal lover and have always had a special spot in my heart for dogs. They are truly amazing to me.

If you are planning on getting a new puppy, adopting / purchasing your first dog, or have been experiencing ANY problematic behavior with your own dog or simply want a refresher course from a professional, check out my website - - and call me today for your comprehensive consultation FREE of charge.

I am mobile and come to analyze the canine in the environment in which they live and reside. We can also arrange for a meeting at a local dog friendly park of your choosing. In my experience however, I find the most true evaluation tends to come when done in-home as this is where the dog spends the majority of its time.

Don't tolerate ANY of these unwanted dog behaviors. Make your life and your dog's life easier by being on the same page ... call today for your FREE consultation!

- Aggressive dog behavior
- Basic dog obedience
- Chewing and destruction
- Digging in the yard
- Jumping up
- Nuisance barking
- Pulling on the leash
- Puppy training baby/child safety
- Separation Anxiety
- Toileting in the house

Our dog training is efficient, natural, and fast!

FREE CONSULTATION -727.505.0606 (Mobile - Call / Text)

*boarding services also available

*references available upon request
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