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Michelle D.|Cambridge, OH

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Housekeeper/ Maid Service

I worked in housekeeping for one and a half years as a official job. Though I've done housework for many relatives and friends for spare cash and just to help them out. I am slightly OCD obsessive compulsive especially when it comes to my job, which usually is a good thing as it means I do a thorough job. I worked at Deer Creek Motel for one and a half years as a housekeeper. My jobs there were but not limited to cleaning the bathroom (toilet, sink, shower, tub, floor, mirrors), making the beds, dusting, vacuuming, wiping walls down when something got on them, taking out the trash, cleaning windows, restocking items, and cleaning the kitchen area in the larger rooms (stove inside and out, sink, fridge, wiping the tables chairs and counters off, and sweeping and mopping the floor). We also did Head to Toes once or twice a year. Head to Toes were like spring cleaning for a room. We would do our basic cleaning, move all the furniture and vacuum under them, wipe all the walls down, empty and clean all the cupboards, and do very detailed cleaning on the stove, fridge, dressers, and air conditioners. Laundry was not my job but I often stayed after work to help my other co-worker get it all done. I also have good experience cleaning from growing up and cleaning rental places for my parents. I've cleaned some rental properties and motel rooms that were very trashed (in some cases that is literal) so I don't mind cleaning up after a mess. I've also helped my aunts out who have inside dogs so I have a lot of experience cleaning houses with shedding pets long haired and short. I also have experience cleaning up after kids. I am very honest, reliable, and hardworking. I'm willing to work by the hour or by the job. Please call me for any housekeeping and cleaning services you may need.
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