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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 2014
Total Employees: 2-10
Awards & Accreditations


State license status: Licensed ( verified on 7/5/2022)
This business has satisfied California's requirements to be licensed. For the most up-to-date status and inspection reports, please view this provider's profile on California's licensing website.
Licensing requirements typically include:
  • Complying with safety and health inspections
  • Achieving the required levels of educational training
  • Maintaining a minimum caregiver-to-child ratio
  • Other state-defined requirements


Monday :
7:00AM - 5:00PM
Tuesday :
7:00AM - 5:00PM
Wednesday :
7:00AM - 5:00PM
Thursday :
7:00AM - 5:00PM
Friday :
7:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday :
Sunday :
Program Capacity:

Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
Infant $ 225 per week 1
Toddler $ 190 per week 1
Preschool $ 175 per week 1
*availability last updated on 01/26/2019
Full Time (5 days/wk)
Part Time (1-4 days/wk)
Half-Day (Morning)
Half-Day (Afternoon)
Extended Care (Before School)
Extended Care (After School)
  • Personal Check|
  • Cash

Ratings & Reviews

( 17)
Melody S
Ms. Avrille is a wonderful and nurturing caregiver and teacher! As a reading teacher myself, I have been delighted to see the growth my daughter has had under her care. In a short time with Ms. Avrille, my child is already kindergarten ready! My daughter loves Sunrise Montessori. They not only get the children school ready but also make learning fun and do crafts with the children and put together holiday parties and sharing opportunities. Also, Sunrise Montessori is affordable compared to other childcare places I have seen/had my children at. For the price, you will not find a better opportunity!
Christy T
Where do I begin! My daughter has been going to Sunrise Montessori since she was about three months old. My husband and I first came out to Fontana to hunt for daycare before we officially moved, and truly- Sunrise was the first facility we truly felt comfortable with before our child even attended. All because of Ms. Avrilles loving nature, she was so kind to us even upon meeting us the first time. She is so friendly, and amazing with children! My daughter immediately felt welcomed by the other children as she started going! She developed quickly that I am convinced is because of the encouragement from and. Avrille, and being around the other children! They're all such a tight group- it's truly wonderful to drop your child off knowing that they're completely safe! No worry, no stress! Plus Ms. Avrille is the most understanding woman, even in this pandemic she has made my husband and I worry free about our daughter. She's accommodating to life's ever so changing schedule. Sunrise Montessori is the best option for your little one! I guarantee it! Plus- the little take home crafts every so often are a real bonus! So cute
Beth H
Ms. Avrille has been a wonderful carer for our two children. I was worried about my son fitting in after moving but he immediately felt welcome. My daughter has been with her since she was 8 weeks old! My kids feel safe, welcome, and have learned a lot from Ms. Avrille. My kids love telling me the new things they are learning at school. My son learned how to read before he was three! All because of Ms. Avrille and the Montessori style she uses to care for and teach the children. Sunrise Montessori is a wonderful daycare that I tell everyone about.
Kimberly H
I cannot say enough good things about Sunrise Montessori. My son has been in Mrs. Avrille's care for over 4 years and I couldn't be more grateful to her and her family. It is hard as working parents to ensure you are doing the right thing for your child by not only providing them a safe and happy place to be taken care of, but also a stimulating environment to grow and learn valuable skills. This is not just a "daycare" where your child will play all day with minimal rules and very little structure. If there is anywhere for your little one to flourish in development it is Sunrise Montesorri! Avrille is patient with the kids and creates a fun, loving environment with structure and routine. We have gone through major milestones from eating solid food, to crawling, walking, potty training and beyond. Avrille has been there every step of the way in my son's transition from baby to a grown boy. The children are taught to be respectful to each other but also encouraged to become independent with thoughtful playing. My son learned his first words, to speak in sentences, shapes, colors, alphabet, numbers, animals, manners, writing, reading simple books, planets, continents and so much more. I have watched my child blossom through the years and can say I am surprised every day at his advancement. I am confident that he has not only been taught beyond the skills needed for kindergarten, but also how to be a well-rounded child with an excitement to learn. The Sunrise Montessori team treats my son like one of their own, and it speaks volumes that my son is always happy to go to "school" and never ready to leave at the end of the day. I am beyond thankful for the love, care and learning received by Sunrise Montessori (not to mention a mom's peace of mind that this is the best place for my child to be). WE LOVE YOU MRS AVRILLE!
Jaely M
Ms. Avrille is amazing! My son has been attending for a little over a year now and I am so impressed by how much he has learned. He can read, write numbers 1-100 & has really improved his motor skills such as cutting and coloring. Best of all he loves it there and never seems to want to leave! I teach upper elementary at a school for talented & gifted children. He'll be starting there next year in Kinder instead of TK thanks to Ms. Avrille. We will miss her tremendously!
Emmanuel R
Our daughter has been coming here for 10 moths and she loves to tell me about what she learned every day, so I know she loves it. I also feel very comfortable with the environment when I drop her off Mrs. Avrille is very patient.
Brittany A
Our son and daughter have been taken care of here for almost a year. In that time Ms. Avrille has done amazing work with both of them and our son is already reading at a 1st grade level! The children are happy to go each day and I know they are in a safe, nurturing and loving environment. Our son will start kindergarten in a few months but our daughter will continue and I feel Confident in that decision because I know she will be well cared for and have a great start to her education.
I highly recommend Sunrise Montessori! Our daughter started Sunrise at 3 months old and is still here at the age of 4. Throughout these years Mrs. Avrille and Mr. Jay have cared and loved my daughter as if she was their own. Mrs. Avrille really pays attention to the kids needs and their strengths . What I also enjoy is the feedback I get on my daughter and her progress with learning. They have taught my daughter so much its amazing!! She can name her planets, continents and is starting to learn how to sound out words and read simple books. My daughter enjoys being there and I we feel good having her there.
Our daughter has been attending Sunrise Montessori for the past nine months. We were nervous to bring her into a new environment, however, she adjusted really well and a lot quicker than we were expecting. Mrs. Avrille and Mr. Jay are very nice, sweet, and caring people. Their house is very clean and the program is very well organized. Mrs Avrille is very prompt at getting back to me as I will text her at times during the day to check on my daughter or even after hours if questions arise. Mrs Avrille even helped us immensely with getting the potty training started and with a collaborative effort our daughter was potty trained in three days. What my husband and I really enjoy and appreciate is seeing the activities that my daughter does throughout the day as Mrs Avrille gathers all my daughters school work and creates a book for us to keep every few months or so. We also really love the holiday-themed activities that she facilitates. The backyard is awesome for the kids, packed with different houses, scooters, and other play activities, and it is all so organized. We have always taught my daughter about manners, however, I have observed her to have improved even more in this area since going to Sunrise. I can'terlene say enough good things abou Sunrise. This is quality care and education at a reasonable price.
Latasha F
Sunrise Montessori Fontana is the best! My daughter has been attending this daycare for 7 months and has learned so much. When she first started attending, she was not potty trained. After a month, she was fully potty trained. The same goes with the alphabet, numbers, and vowels. Avrille works with my daughter to learn and every day my daughter has something new to show me.
Camille A
The GREATEST and SAFEST, CLEANEST place to leave your child while you are at work! Sunrise Montessori is friendly and family oriented. The perks of your child learning how to read, write and socialize is just the added bonus! My daughter has been here since she was 2 years old; at age 4, she is able to name the countries in different continents (more than I can say!) sing, dance, read, write, color (in the lines), create arts all under a set schedule. I definitely recommend Sunrise Montessori for your child care needs.
Prior to Sunrise, our daughter attended Kindercare and a summer Pre-K program and although they did wonders for her socially, academically it wasn't really doing much to prepare her for elementary. Within a month at Sunrise, she was reading level 1 books (after showing no interest in phonics previously) and now a few months in she knows continents, animals, and is learning to add. She really loves Mr. Jay and Mrs. Avrille, her teachers, which is part of why we think she has progressed as much as she has, as quickly as she did. We'll be going into Kindergarten in the fall with the full confidence that she is not only fully prepared, but likely ahead of where she would need to be by the end of kindergarten.
Monica S
My spouse and I are both full time working parents. When our daughter was born we had exhausting conversations on who would care for her the way we would. I know most parents battle with leaving their kids just as we did, but Avrille and her team are perfect for our daughter. They truly care about her and have such incredible patience for all of the children who attend their Montessori. Countless times throughout the two years that our daughter has attended Sunrise Montessori, she has come home and shocked us with the incredible amount of knowledge she has learned. I am so extremely thankful that we found Sunrise Montessori and can't thank them enough so taking such wonderful care of our daughter.
Amanda P
My two sons (ages 5 & 2) have been attending Sunrise Montessori for over a year now and I am ecstatic with my choice in care for the most precious little ones in my life. There is no greater feeling for a working mother to drop her children off every morning at a place where she knows they are not only well taken care of but are being challenged academically, cognitively, and socially. I drop my children off knowing that their day will be enriched by the environment Sunrise Montessori has to offer. My five-year-old son who is just too young for kindergarten is already reading at a first-grade level because of Ms. Avrille and her willingness and dedication to cultivate my son's love for reading. It's important to understand one-on-one reading intervention with our little ones and knowing that my son receives such attention eases my mind and makes my heart smile. My second son just turned two and he has grown substantially since he first began a year ago as well. He is speaking in sentences, knows his alphabet, numbers 1-20, shapes, and his colors. He is thriving and always loves going to "school" as he refers to it. I love receiving the art projects my children do especially during the holidays. I also receive my son's workbooks with all of the daily work they do and it never ceases to amaze me how well my boys are doing academically. My family and I used to live five minutes away from Sunrise Montessori but recently moved about an hour+ away. Still, I would rather drive an hour than take away such an enriching environment for them. To this day, I thank God for putting Mrs. Avrille and Mr. Jay of Sunrise Montessori in my family's life.
Yen G
It has been a year since my kids started at Sunrise Montessori and about time for me to write a review. I have two kids and my husband and I are both thrilled about their development and care.
My older son is very much a mommy's boy and leaving him is always hard. He cried the first few days as I am sure most kids would. They were great at cheering him up and everyday I picked him up he wasn't ready to leave. He doesn't cry anymore when I drop him off, he walks right in and say's "bye mommy"; but he is still never ready to leave :) It is nice to know that he enjoys his time there. My younger son was ok since he has brother and really didn't have that set expectation to spend his entire day with mom yet.
Our older son started at age 3 and is now 4. After a few months there he was reading and doing simple math. They also worked on his manners and healthy eating choices. He speaks in complete sentences and offers to help set the table or cook dinner.
Our younger son started at 1 and is now 2. He is speaking so well and learning so fast. They have helped with potty training and he is almost potty trained now. They teach them what they need to learn for school but also how to be well rounded kids. Learning ABC's, math but also learning to be responsible and a good person.
They are a home based Montessori and they do have older kids in the home. Seeing how well behaved, spoken and intelligent there own kids are truly speak to the methods they use. I was concerned before about the older kids, however once you actually meet them you'll be quite impressed. They are so great with the younger kids. They often play with the daycare kids, drawing the daycare kids of whatever they request so the daycare kids can color. I like that they see a picture being created and just for them. So personalized and a great way to spark their imagination. They read to the daycare kids, play tag, and are just such sweet kids. I think they engage the daycare in a whole other level when they are home. They do attend school so they are only there part of day.
We use to take our kids to another in home daycare. They loved the other place too. But they played all day, didn't have any set rules, other than no hitting, and the only punishment was time out. (They do time out at Sunrise Montessori too but they call it the thinking chair and they talk to the kids about what happen and what them to think about the actions and events that got them in the thinking chair) They got constant candy and treats so of course they LOVE IT. We loved that they loved it, when we moved we were nervous to switch them, but now we are so glad we made the move. It took some adjusting (for our older son) since they don't just play all day, get candy, and just go wild. They but he is happy and when I ask him about his day he always tells me he had a good day and all the things he did. He is learning about working hard and playing hard at the same time. They have truly perfected that balance at Sunrise.
Kristin P
About 4 months before our Son was set to start Kindergarten we began to realize that he was not at the level he needed to be. I had come across Sunrise Montessori school while searching for a local preschool to put our Son in for a few months in hopes it would help him learn the fundamentals he would need for Kindergarten. The day we went to visit Sunrise and our Son cried when we went to leave I knew it was where he needed to be. Kids have a very good intuition into things and our Son was right. The staff from day one has been professional yet loving. They treat my Son like one of their own. Our Son has a medical condition and I am very cautious on who I let care for him. I have never once been worried while he is at school and that says a lot. At the end of week one at Sunrise he came home sounding out letters and all of the sudden had a desire to write letters and numbers which he never had before. By the end of week two he was sounding out all the letters of the alphabet as well as putting two letter sounds together and by week three he was reading!!! Our Son has been at Sunrise now for three months. He is now able to read an entire book with five letter words all by himself. We are absolutely amazed how much he has not only learned but excelled in every aspect of his life and we truly believe it is because of Sunrise Montessori school. As parents there is no way to put into word how grateful you are that your child now has the skills to excel and thrive in school and life. We would recommend this school to anyone that loves their child and wants the very best for them because that's what Sunrise is, the very best. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for all they have done.
Katie M
Sunrise Montessori is amazing. It is a loving, caring family-like environment with the structure of a classroom. It is the best of both worlds - the curriculum of a day care care with the intimate feel of a family home. My daughter received excellent care here and I would highly recommend it. It is fully licensed and extremely organized. And the price is great too!
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