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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 2014
Total Employees: 1

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Infant -- per week --
Toddler $ 350 per week 1
*availability last updated on 09/04/2019
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Ratings & Reviews

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This is long pending review of second home for my daughter. My daughter started with Miss Ana, when she was 13 months old. Initial phase was tough for all of us considering she had stranger anxiety. But Ana made sure she was comfortable and get used to daycare environment. Within a month Mishka started enjoying the activities., friends and specially Miss Ana. Its been a month now when Mishka started talking, and she is learning everyday new words. Everyday she misses her friends and Miss Ana and talks about them when she is home. I couldn't ask for more, this is by far best first daycare my child could get. Thanks you Miss Ana for giving comfort and care to my daughter. :)
Shravya R
As first-time parents looking for a day care for our 18-month old son, we were naturally anxious with the search process! We checked out a few places and started to feel disappointed, and in some cases, downright terrified with our options. And these daycares were all with great reviews on Yelp and other places. Since this was our first time and were rather clueless, we started thinking that this is what day cares are like - and that we had to recalibrate our expectations.

We found Ana through and she was very quick to respond to our inquiry and flexible about touring her facility. Given that the last 10 or so had disappointed us, we reached there with no big expectations.

This changed the moment Ana greeted us at the door! She was so warm and friendly that we felt a huge sigh of relief right away. Her house was much bigger and had multiple play areas with lots of activities was the kids. She also had outside play area which meant that the kids were not going to be locked up inside the house or that they had to leave the facility to go to a park. And the kids she cared for, were so well behaved when she was giving us the tour.

We made up our mind quickly and our son was enrolled!

As expected our drop-offs were painful where our son would just not want to let go of us, but Ana made it so easy for us. She would take our son and console him and made him feel loved and safe. She would send us lots of photos and texts during the day to ease our separation anxiety. We cannot thank her enough for that!

Which brings me to one of the most important things about Ana - responsiveness. No matter what time of day it is she would always keep us posted about what was going on with our son. She never once complained about how many questions we were asking her :)

Another important thing is how much our son learned from her - Ana has years of training working for other day cares, schools and Montessori. All that training shows in how she teaches great skills to the kids. My son's arts, math, and, recital skills all improved significantly.

We recently moved out of that neighborhood and had to make the hard decision to move our son to a different school. This new school is a large chain and is way more expensive. But every day, we still miss Ana and we are sure our son does too. I don't think she can ever be replaced.
Emily B
Our son has been going to ABC Sunnyvale Childcare since he was 5mo old. I found ABC Sunnyvale Childcare thru as I was ending maternity leave and desperately needed to find a safe and nurturing daycare. While no one else would return my phone calls, Ms. Ana was very approachable and had an opening when I needed it. She has been truthful and open to any discussion when we had any simple concerns. We get feedback at the end of the day of lunches and play activities. If asked for photos or status during the day, Ms. Ana gets back to you quickly. We have enjoyed all the art work, love of reading, and preschool prep work our son has started now that he's 2 years old. She is helping us with potty-training which has been helpful to have extra support outside the home. Our son has enjoyed every little friend that has come and gone as the years go by and still talks about them. One little guy is graduating to preschool and will be desperately missed. It will be a sad day when our little guy graduates but we are very appreciative of the experiences at ABC Sunnyvale Childcare until then.
Regarding any animals, pets are kept away from the children as part of the rules of a licensed daycare. The outside area of the new location (and old) is clean with room for the children to ride little bikes and run around. The new playroom is very large and has a nice padded floor for kids to have fun on and great toys. I understood the possibilities associated with a single operator and sudden sick days and realize there may be days where we have to use another resource. Everyone has sick days and would rather keep my son away until everyone is feeling better. We are always notified in advance of appointments that require early pickups so arrangements are made.
Hana W
A horrible place for kids of any age. Play outside in the area where owner dogs poops and not cleaned, You can find dogs poop in your kids shoe. Make sure that everyone in this house has proper health checking and vaccines taken. Check the fire extinguisher and internal camera. You never know what is going on inside and do not expect when something happen wrong your kid will be able to tell you what happened. The owner has cheap business mentality. In the middle of the day you may get a text that the care provider has to leave for some urgency and her not-registered, not-trained daughters will be there to take care the kids. Or, you may get a text for early pick up of your kid at 3 pm.
It's you baby's first stage of life, do not do any compromise! I strongly recommend not to go to this home child care facility; basically the owner does not nothing on child psychology and her attitude to your kid may result a long term effect oh his/her life. Careful.
Reply from ABC Sunnyvale Child Care
You made a fake account of my business in yelp, and wrote the same two bad reviews here in with a false name. I will leave it up to my clients to respond. Also, I don't have a client named Hannah and Eternal.
Make sure before sending your little loved one you know the background and job of the other family members of the care giver. Make sure in your contract it is written that sometimes the kids will stay with the supervision of the young daughters of the registered care giver because sometimes you may get a phone request from the care giver that she may leave for couple of hours and kids will be under her daughters custody who are not registered officially for providing the care and do not have any training. The pets of the care giver pooped in the same place where the kids play outside!! Make sure that the care giver and her family has proper health records. Check the fire proof facility and other toys or furniture were new or bought used. Check if there is a camera in the facility, you never know what is going on in the inside. Don't just go with nice words and smiling faces, it is a business after all, you are paying for the best of your kid and you have the right to know before it is late. Very careful.
Kim O
This review has been a long time coming, but it's well deserved. I'm relieved to have found a facility like ABC. My toddler, although seemingly fearless and independent when around me and his daddy, is extremely attached. I knew that with his first day care experience, the separation anxiety would be showing up in full force. And it sure came with a vengeance!

Thankfully Anna is super patient and her warm personality and affection seems to soothe him eventually. She's suggested adjustments in his part-time care schedule to make the week to week transition easier for him. I love how busy she keeps the kids with the songs, the playground, and the art work. I receive his original masterpieces on a weekly basis and now my kitchen wall looks like an avant-garde kiddie art gallery now.

Anna is great with keeping in touch with me throughout the day with pictures and video clips. I get to see snippets of his development and glimpses into all of his fun activities and interactions with the other kids. I'm delighted to see my son's pictures on my Facebook newsfeed at the office. And don't worry, all images posted are with full consent. That being said, I'm happy that Anna follows the rules and is very particular about making sure that her care center is fully compliant with family care regulations.

It's been a couple months in and it took a lot of effort, but my son has finally adjusted to his day care routine. It almost seems miraculous. The crying has subsided (for the most part), the appetite has returned, and nap time is a breeze. My kid used to refuse naps on his little cot and he'd fall asleep at the high chair or on the table due to exhaustion. But now he bundles himself in the cot and takes long generous naps. When I pick him up, he looks happy and rested. I love how his face lights up when he sees me. It's gotta be one of my favorites parts of the day.

Thank you Anna! I'd highly recommend ABC to my friends.
Marili N
ABC Sunnyvale Child Care is THE BEST child care facility in the area. My 16 month old daughter has been with this facility since she was 9 months old, and everyday she comes home with a HUGE smile on her face. Ana is the nicest, most caring, and patient person you will ever meet. I never worry when my daughter is in her hands. You can tell that Ana is truly passionate about her child care facility, and that she really cares for each child enrolled.

The facility is VERY clean. The daily schedule is hung up on the wall for all the parents to see, along with the meal plan for the day. Each day my daughter comes home with new art work. And it's not just the standard painting or hand drawn picture. Ana gets really creative with the kids. She even had the kids make presents for mother's and father's day! It was really amazing.

What is also nice is that Ana sends me text updates/pictures every couple of hours each day to let me know how my daughter is doing, which makes me feel very comfortable since I work full-time.

I would HIGHLY recommend this child care facility to anyone. And as a side note, my mother-in-law is a social worker who concentrates in licensing home daycare facilities, and she even gave her stamp of approval. Her exact words were..."Your child care provider is A++! You are very lucky to have found such a great facility!"
Lilah Y
My 4-year old son has been under Ana's care while I'm at work for about six months now, and she truly has been amazing. It's great to see the stuff my son has learned with Ana such as the alphabet, counting, new songs, different animals and insects. He even comes home with different art work each week. My son also learned how to write his name and different letters from the alphabet. The daycare is also real clean and I've never smelled a dirty diaper since we've been going there. It's a great environment for kids to both learn and play. We will truly miss Ana when my son starts preschool next month. It gets us sad thinking about leaving, but we will definitely keep in touch! I HIGHLY recommend Ana and ABC Sunnyvale Child Care :)
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