What We Do

We help families and caregivers connect.

Families use Care.com to find child care, senior care, special needs care, pet care, housekeeping, and tutors. Our data-driven insights help families narrow their candidates based on factors such as pay rates, location, family makeup and needs. In addition, our Safety Center provides guidance and resources, including access to background checks and a hiring guide and interview tips, to help families make informed hiring decisions. And our online Community, visited by millions of unique users per month, offers advice to families on a wide range of topics, including parenting, elder care, and how to find, manage and pay for care. Families also turn to Care.com HomePay to manage the responsibilities of payroll and taxes associated with being a household employer.

Caregivers use Care.com to pursue high-quality job and access benefits that members of the independent care workforce often struggle to find. We provide an array of tools and content to maximize their job-search and facilitate a robust online community where caregivers can interact.

Businesses and employers use Care@Work to provide a suite of benefits to parents and family caregivers, both to support the demands of an increasingly diverse workforce and to drive performance through the retention and attraction of talent and increased productivity.

Care.com Digital Platform

Finding care for a loved one is one of the most important decisions families make. Care.com's flexible platform — available on mobile, desktop, and in the iPhone and Android app stores — connects families and caregivers. We give families tools to help make more informed hiring decisions, wherever care needs arise. With a free Basic Membership, families can post a job and browse through active caregivers on the site, utilize our Safety Center, receive newsletters filled with tips and advice, and access the wealth of care-related content in our online Community. Premium Members, who pay for a subscription, enjoy all these features, as well as the ability to view full profiles and reviews, contact caregivers, and purchase background checks. Learn More

Care providers create a profile outlining their expertise, special skills, education and references, and details about the type of work they are seeking. Jobs meeting those criteria are curated for them to see. Care providers are also given tools and tips to further develop their skills and careers, enhancing their job-seeking success. Learn More

Safety Center

Care needs are massive — and growing — and leveraging technology has enabled us to forever change the way we all find and manage family care. It has also enabled us to provide more tools and resources to help families hire safely, something that is top of mind in everything we do. For our consumer platform, we conduct some preliminary screenings of members, provide tools and resources to help make safe hiring decisions, and maintain a comprehensive Safety Center. Learn More

Care.com HomePay

Hiring a nanny or in-home caregiver means becoming a household employer, which comes with legal and tax obligations. Adhering to the relevant regulations is not only the right thing to do, but also provides your caregiver with access to critical benefits, including Social Security, unemployment insurance, and disability insurance, among many others. Care.com HomePay—a comprehensive household payroll, tax and compliance service-provides an easy payroll solution, effortless tax filings, and expert help in navigating tax breaks, employee benefits, workers' comp, and management of a family's financial relationship with a caregiver. Learn More


The modern workforce is more challenged than ever to balance the competing demands of work and home. Those demands can affect work in the form of increased absenteeism, reduced productivity, reduction of hours, or leaving a job altogether. Employers across many industries turn to Care@Work for a modern, technology-driven solution to address employee family care needs while improving productivity and attracting and retaining the best talent. Care@Work provides a custom, scalable suite of services for employers to offer as a benefit to their employees, including Premium Membership to our comprehensive digital platform, in-home and in-center backup child care, in-home backup care for adults, expert senior care planning managed by our team of Masters-level social workers, and more. Learn More