What We Do

We help families and caregivers connect in a reliable and easy way.

How it Works

In helping our members find their ideal care solutions, we hope to make life simpler for families everywhere so using our service needs to be simple too.

Basic Membership is free and allows families to view and post jobs, receive newsletters full of expert tips and advice, and access a wealth of content on all things care-related. Premium Members pay a subscription fee ranging from approximately $37 for a monthly subscription to $147 for an annual subscription and enjoy all these services, plus the ability to view contact details and make contact with an unlimited number of caregivers, purchase background checks, and access references for providers.

Again, we strive to make our service easy-to-use. Families simply log in, visit our "Post a Job" page, choose a service, and fill in the form with the job details. We provide help along the way to insure that each job posting is as thorough as possible so that members get the best possible matches. Members then submit their job and wait for caregivers to respond and/or start perusing provider profiles on their own. We also offer tools and resources to help families make more informed hiring decisions. These include a comprehensive Safety Guide with numerous resources, as well as, three tiers of background checks, varying in comprehensiveness, offered through third-parties.

Care providers create a profile outlining their expertise, special skills, education and references. From there, they select the type of job they seek, the distance they're willing to travel, and their ZIP code, and jobs meeting those parameters are curated for them to see. Job results can also be searched in a variety of ways (e.g. job title, city, etc.). Applying for jobs of interest requires a simple click on the posting, a brief note to the prospective family, and a click to submit the application.

In addition to our core consumer matching solutions, we offer an array of value-added products and services for families, care providers, and businesses. These include:

Care.com HomePaySM provided by Breedlove

When you hire someone to perform services in your home and you have control over how the work is performed, the IRS deems you a household employer. If your employee earns more than $1,900 a year from you, you have certain tax and compliance obligations as their employer. Care.com HomePaySM, provided by Breedlove, handles these obligations for thousands of busy families. The largest comprehensive household payroll, tax and compliance service in the U.S., the HomePay team facilitates the management of a family's financial relationship with a caregiver and also enables a caregiver to establish the compliance framework to qualify for important household employee benefits. Our August 2012 acquisition of Breedlove brought this service and its experts to our online membership. Care.com HomePaySM is available to all Care.com members. Additionally, families who are not members of Care.com are and can continue to become clients of Breedlove. Learn More

Workplace Solutions

Families are more challenged than ever integrating the demands of work and home. Absenteeism, shortened work days and lack of focus due to the stress of care needs are having a meaningful impact on companies across industries. Employers are looking for ways to support their employees and more and more are turning to Workplace Solutions for help. Our team provides a custom-designed, comprehensive suite of care services for employers to offer their employees, including our consumer matching solutions, payment offerings, backup care services, and senior care planning services. Workplace Solutions' global client roster currently represents more than 600,000 employer-sponsored families. Visit our Workplace Solutions site for more information.

Recruiting Solutions

Care-related businesses such as day care centers or senior living facilities compete for the same pool of talent, which can be hard to find. So in 2012, we launched Care.com Recruiting Solutions, the first recruiting platform dedicated to the care industry. Subscribing businesses in any aspect of the care space can post job opportunities and access our multi-million member care provider database to find top talent. Learn More

Business Marketing Services

Not everyone seeks a 1:1 care solution such as a nanny or a tutor. Many prefer group-based options such as day care centers, senior home care agencies or pet care businesses. Launched in 2011, our Business Marketing Solutions provide an online platform for care businesses to acquire new customers and raise the visibility of their brand. Local and national businesses with an aggregate of approximately 10,000 locations including companies such as Kinder Care, Learning Care Group, Sylvan Learning, Club Z!, Home Helpers, and Senior Helpers are successfully using Care.com to grow their business. Learn More