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October 12, 2020
“ has given me the flexibility to find care providers to meet the unique needs of my family.”
- Julie from Orlando, FL

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November 11, 2020
“ is a Great company. I have gotten many many good job's by using your company. You have an outstanding reputation. I am Proud to be a member of Thank-you Aloha”
- Nancy from Kihei, HI
November 11, 2020
“We have always found good caregivers for our special needs child. Not an easy task”
- Jerilyn from North Little Rock, AR
November 07, 2020
“Great website with user friendly interface, good options of caregivers and abilities to research. Great customer service”
- Michelle from Norwich, VT
November 06, 2020
“all my experiences were great. The care that Priscilla Maupin provided to my dad was beyond exceptional and the assistance that Hanniegrace provided this week when handling his account (he passed away) was also outstanding. You should be proud of the folks who work for and represent your company.”
- Vickie from Spring Branch, TX
November 05, 2020
“Found a great Nanny and received good customer service when I called.”
- Jyoti from Worcester, MA
November 04, 2020
“Though I didn't hire a care-giver for my husband because his health improved, it was a comfort to know if I needed help I could get it from And if my husband goes into another slump I'll be registering with you again. Thank you so much.”
- Margaret from Wausau, WI
November 04, 2020
“I still work for 2 families I found 7 years ago and we are very close even though I don't work as much as the children have grown up.”
- Virginia from Bunker Hill, WV
November 04, 2020
“I have been using for many years. A huge success. Thank you”
- Karee from Highland Lakes, NJ
November 04, 2020
“Took a while to navigate the website, but overall pleased.”
- Dan from Philadelphia, PA
November 02, 2020
“ is a wonderful app and tool to help families and Nannies connect and also protect nannies from scammers by sending alert emails of individuals that they removed.”
- Mona from Laguna Niguel, CA
November 02, 2020
“I have found many jobs on care and I like the warnings about certain users.”
- Pamela from Junction City, KS
November 02, 2020
“I've had very good experiences with your caregivers and customer service.”
- Katherine from Forest Hills, NY
November 01, 2020
“This is the second time I have used have been satisfied both times.”
- Lynn from Elk Grove Village, IL
October 29, 2020
“I have already recommended to many people over the years. It is a good place for people to find and provide care services. I will continue to use”
- Sarah from Branford, CT
October 27, 2020
“ helped me find a reliable person to provide care for my mom last year.”
- Thomas from Athens, AL
October 26, 2020
“It's a great service, and customer care was understanding and helpful”
- Jennifer from Eagle Mountain, UT
October 25, 2020
“Excellent opportunity to find a job and easy to access to select in your area.”
- Haydee from Rockville, MD
October 24, 2020
“User-friendly and wide range, and depth, of services; we just hired our 3rd tutor from (previous 2 moved on from tutoring) and were again fortunate to find a 'match' almost immediately. Likewise, cancelling my monthly subscription was without hassles/concern for ongoing recurring charges. Thank you!!”
- Susan from Greenville, NC
October 24, 2020
“ has been a great resource for me to get job opportunities and would recommend it to others.”
- Michelle from Franklin, TN
October 24, 2020
“Never had a issue, a great place to connect with families.”
- Ladonna from Hope Mills, NC
October 23, 2020
“I was able to find a caregiver for my 93 year old father in just 2 weeks. She starts next week, but she seems like a good fit. My questions from my email were answered promptly and appropriately. Thank you.”
- Merrily from Circle Pines, MN
October 23, 2020
“Help me to feel informed and safer in choosing a caregiver for my mom. I have already recommended”
- Jo from Gardner, IL
October 22, 2020
“I like using because you find a variety of caregivers. I found a couple great caregivers on That's why I like using and I find it totally worth it.”
- Jill from Newton, NJ
October 22, 2020
“It has helped me find Good In the Denver area quickly than I expected and the respondents from customer service was on a timely manner. Thank you so much!”
- Ofa from Denver, CO
October 20, 2020
“The caregiver we found through was excellent.”
- Carol from Winchester, MA
October 19, 2020
“Very easy to use the system. I submitted a post and received 5 qualified applicants. I telephone interviewed all of them and all were professional. I did a face to face interview with two and my sister-in-law liked one of them, which we hired. All happened within 3 days.”
- Kristine from Fallbrook, CA
October 19, 2020
“I have had a good experience with and have been recommending your site for years!”
- Sarah from Bloomfield, NJ
October 17, 2020
“You cared about my safety and alerted me accordingly about possible dubious persons. That was most important to me. I got a very job on your site.”
- Lisa from Riverdale, MD
October 15, 2020
“I was hard pressed to find someone to take me to a medical procedure and stay until I recovered from anesthesia then take me home. was the perfect solution.”
- Madeline from Flint, MI
October 15, 2020
“ has been a very helpful resource in finding caregiving jobs.”
- Donna from Winter Haven, FL
October 14, 2020
“I have had a wonderful relationship with over the years, It is a wonderful company to work with for a job.”
- Lisa from Naples, FL
October 14, 2020
“The ease of managing employees payroll. Your company makes it easy for parents to pay for household employees.”
- Elaine from Port Jefferson Station, NY
October 14, 2020
“I'm a retired registered nurse and I liked that they have patients that need serious help. Thanks”
- Carol from Hayes, VA
October 14, 2020
“It is a great service for families needing help and caregivers finding each other.”
- Lynne from Charlotte, NC
October 14, 2020
“If someone needs help, or is a caregiver, I recommend.”
- Mindy from Newburgh, NY
October 13, 2020
“An all around great resource and after having my profile up under senior care I already have an interview on 10/9. I've been a CNA for 29yrs now in a nursing home and want to transition to home health.”
- Amy from Erie, PA
October 13, 2020
“They were good at sending job opportunities, however my circumstances changed with my own family having some health issues.”
- Janet from Frankfort, KY
October 13, 2020
“Through Care.Com, I met many families and I was able to help them. It makes me very happy because I love what I do.”
- Thais from Edgewater, NJ
October 12, 2020
“I have been employed through for 15 years and my current job which I started several weeks ago is excellent and I can never be more great full to Thank you a million times!”
- Sarah from Bedford, NH
October 12, 2020
“I have been using for 10 years and have been please with what they offer.”
- Jessica from Kernersville, NC
October 11, 2020
“Because I think is very helpful when you're looking for a job. You may not get everyone you apply for but it's still putting your information out there. In hopes that someone will want to meet with you and heart of you.”
- Nancy from Bethpage, NY
October 11, 2020
“Very glad there is available service if needed. I am a new applicant for a housekeeper. I hope I do get someone who fits my needs.”
- Carol from Troy, NY
October 11, 2020
“Only known site where one can survey a range of geographically located caregivers.”
- Marvin from Tyler, TX
October 11, 2020
“It is a very important service, especially for seniors or people new to area.”
- David from Tucson, AZ
October 09, 2020
“Easy to use and set up, worth the extra payment and found a sitter within miles of me. Staff was responsive, helpful and understood where I was coming from. Will use this service again if needed. Thank you.”
- Jodie from Eagle Bridge, NY
October 08, 2020
“They are a great company who give us help with childcare.”
- Seteria from Cleveland, OH
October 07, 2020
“I did not receive the final resolution I was hoping for, but I do understand the company policy and they team was just executing to those policies. I think highly of”
- Ashley from Seattle, WA
October 07, 2020
“I just really like, I've had good experiences in the past and they keep up with technology and improving every time I've used them.”
- Marque from Hesperia, CA
October 07, 2020
“I think all of the women will be good to clean my house, and can help me get it straightened out.”
- Judy from Lincoln, NE
October 06, 2020
“Have been a member of for over 5 years now. But, ever since I joined care I am seeing myself growing, changing and filling all my missed years of happiness. Can't say it all but to just say God bless care and all the president of care.”
- Joy from Schenectady, NY
October 02, 2020
“Amen I've encouraged all my friends to consider joining this platform.”
- Tena from Dallas, TX
October 02, 2020
“The friendliness of the site, usefulness of features, and ease of use.”
- Scott from Menomonie, WI
October 01, 2020
“It is a valuable resource. Though I found the website difficult to navigate, I found the referrals excellent, prompt, reasonable, professional & caring.”
- Mariana from Kirkland, WA
October 01, 2020
“The benefits our company are providing in this season of pandemic are incredible and the company is a great resource!”
- Michele from Tacoma, WA
September 30, 2020
“I like that I can read all the sitters profiles, see reviews and references.”
- Kit from Chestnut Hill, MA
September 29, 2020
“I think the standards you have for vetting caregivers is reasonable and gives me confidence. Your customer service team is also great!”
- Radhika from Cupertino, CA
September 29, 2020
“Got jobs using it. I like that you do background checks on people.”
- Pamela from Hamilton, OH
September 28, 2020
“I've been getting jobs thru you guys for years now and your only getting better. Everytime I unpause my account I see little updates.”
- Jessica from San Diego, CA
September 26, 2020
“With uncertainty about the future care of our loved one I found comfort knowing skilled, companionate and professional applicants locally to assist where flexible and readily available. It took the worries out of question. Thank you wonderful people for being a bright and shinny beacon in our quest for the best of the best....”
- Cindy from Puyallup, WA
September 25, 2020
“It's been a great way for me to meet families that need my services!”
- Robin from Hobe Sound, FL
September 24, 2020
“I was able to contact with countless individuals in my area who were interested in the position I had posted.”
- Kristen from Southington, CT
September 24, 2020
“Not only is the team professional but Care has aided in my securing employment.”
- Donna from Myrtle Beach, SC
September 24, 2020
“It is a benefit through work that I think is fantastic.”
- Kenny from Birmingham, AL
September 23, 2020
“If yall ever need a testimonial for tv. Give me a shout. allowed us to network with child care providers we didnt even know existed. Moving into a new city this app allowed me to visit my son in the hospital when are neighbors were busy. Thank yall.”
- Rodney from Chaska, MN
September 23, 2020
“ is a great resource for finding reliable care for my kids.”
- Maria from Green Bay, WI
September 22, 2020
“I've been a member of for over 7 years! It's wonderful, it's perfect! Please don't change anything! Thank you.”
- Jodi from Miami Beach, FL
September 22, 2020
“ seems like a very well-organized site both for people looking for jobs and for people looking for caregivers.”
- Eleanore from Loveland, CO
September 22, 2020
“I think is very reputable and I like what they stand for.”
- Gail from Fort Lauderdale, FL
September 19, 2020
“I appreciate the customer support we received. Additionally, through, we not only had great applicants but also found a great nanny!”
- Jill from Raleigh, NC
September 18, 2020
“During the last 4 years of my mother's life, I was able to hire some very nice caregivers for her (through, that were not only competent, but enriched her life. I am so thankful for the services that provides.”
- Peggy from Boonville, IN
September 18, 2020
“She was a great caregiver for our special needs daughter. Very understanding about her needs.”
- Robert from Kansas City, MO
September 17, 2020
“ has been the best way for me to find caregivers to help care for my adult daughter with special needs.”
- Judy from Longmont, CO
September 16, 2020
“I am grateful for the service has provided especially during the pandemic. I have been able to continue working while knowing my kids are being cared for gives me a great sense of security.”
- Luisa from Blue Mound, TX
September 16, 2020
“Care is a great connection between parents and nanny. Many positions available.”
- Marilyn from Richmond Heights, OH
September 14, 2020
“I was really impressed with the options, and availability of caregivers. I will definitely use this service in the future.”
- Kimberli from Poolesville, MD
September 09, 2020
“As an organization, consistently strives to understand needs and concerns from both providers and consumers. They know what I'm looking for and make it easy to connect with others who need the same things.”
- Cassandra from Elk Grove, CA
September 08, 2020
“I have gotten several jobs through and plan to stay on the site in the future. Thanks for making Care,com available to me. Sincerely, Beverly S.”
- Beverly from Richardson, TX
September 08, 2020
“I received lots of responses. I appreciated the security of”
- Laurie from Branford, CT
September 07, 2020
“This is a great website for finding the services you need and helping manage the services. Quality caregivers and background checks!”
- Jennifer from Malvern, PA
September 06, 2020
“Each time I use I find a provider within days of my listing. I have hired 3 qualified professionals using your service and have been very satisfied with the user friendly service you provide. I will go to if I need to hire again. Thank you!”
- Denise from San Antonio, TX
September 03, 2020
“My experience with has been nothing but positive!”
- Margaret from Nixon, TX
September 03, 2020
“I've been a member of for several years. I've found many jobs thru thus website. All very positive experiences! I've referred this website to many people based on the positive experiences I've had with it personally! has provided me with jobs as a means of survival and steady income. So many great features for caregivers to find work even in the midst of a pandemic. The reference feature is awesome! Allowing past employers an opportunity to share their personal experiences with a caregiver is extremely helpful in assuring future potential clients. I love! Using this website has allowed me to continue to be self employed and connects me with families in need of a quality caregiver. Thank you!!”
- Lea Etta from Hayesville, NC
September 02, 2020
“Many people are on so you can find someone that meets your needs.”
- Jan from Vienna, VA
September 02, 2020
“Every time I used I found what I was looking for extremely fast.”
- Christopher from Vacaville, CA
September 01, 2020
“Because care about the safety of of the client as well as the person that's working for them and I'm thankful”
- Larhonda from Dorchester, MA
September 01, 2020
“have been using since 2008 to help with childcare needs. Always been very happy with service and platform!”
- Courtney from Greenville, SC
September 01, 2020
“I have met many families, and have helped Some. I haven't had any problems.”
- Cathie from Foothill Ranch, CA
September 01, 2020
“I find very convenient in the times we live in.”
- Evelyne from Kansas City, MO
August 30, 2020
“It is a respectful community and requires backgrounds checks for people looking for jobs. It's easy to respond to others/send messages.”
- Kim from Columbus, OH
August 29, 2020
“What I Shumika J liked about the site is you can post exactly what us moms are seeking. Continue with our lives and just wait for caregivers to contact us. No long waiting time, No Hassle Website, has resources, All questions are already provide by the site. On a scale of 0 to 10, I choose 9 I would love to refer this site to a friend or a colleague.”
- Shumika from San Antonio, TX
August 28, 2020
“There is a large pool of candidates to choose from and the photo, location where they live and other information provided is very helpful when choosing potential caregivers.”
- Linda from Oneida, WI
August 26, 2020
“You guys are awesome and without you I would not be able to care for my mother at home.”
- Galen from Villa Hills, KY
August 26, 2020
“ is a very simple website and can help a lot of people in need of a job at this time.”
- Bailey from Gastonia, NC
August 26, 2020
“Through I found an excellent aide for my mother.”
- Dori from Patchogue, NY
August 26, 2020
“ is the best site to find a caregiver position.”
- Megan from Maryville, TN
August 25, 2020
“I got get responses from all the jobs I applied for!”
- Barbara from Woodstock, GA
August 24, 2020
“Because you're a very fair and understanding company and I hope to be with you for a long time.”
- Cathy from Atlanta, GA
August 23, 2020
“I always feel like if I hire someone from you guys they have been at least vetted and are more reputable.”
- Jerry from Bend, OR
August 23, 2020
“A great resource for providing help for elderly parents.”
- Melinda from Charlotte, NC
August 22, 2020
“I have worked with 3 families for 14 years and have had a wonderful experiences. I am on family number 4 only part time due to Covid and they are a lovely family. I am extremely great full for this service. I proudly tell everyone that Care. com is the largest caregiver service in the world. Very happy to be a part of this organization. This sums up the most important reasons I rate a ten.”
- Sarah from Bedford, NH
August 22, 2020
“ has quite a lot to choose from. Care givers, cleaners, sitters, organizers, etc. All in one place.”
- Jo Ann from Long Beach, CA
August 20, 2020
“I am very satisfied with I have found a capable care giver thru at what I consider a reasonable hourly rate. I hope to have a long and satisfying relationship with”
- James from Lindale, TX
August 20, 2020
“In the past 4 years, I have successfully allowed 5 different positions working for families and all of them have been good experiences!”
- Ashley from Milwaukee, WI
August 18, 2020
“The website was helpful in finding me a job, and the response to my problem was prompt and thorough.”
- Christine from Brant Lake, NY
August 06, 2020
“ has the highest number of participants/caregivers in my area so the options are far greater than any other service.”
- Julie from Fort Leavenworth, KS
August 01, 2020
“Peace of mind in trusting who cares for my children, reassured by background checks.”
- Myriam from Willows, CA
July 29, 2020
“Was able to hire wonderful pet sitter while away from home who took great care of my pets.”
- Jacquelynn from Palmdale, CA
July 16, 2020
“ is great, the best caregiver online service I have used. It is easy to use, informative, and makes finding a special needs care giver a lot less stressful! I would definitely recommend to everyone. I will be back once we have a need to use the service again.”
- Alexandra from Buffalo, NY
July 03, 2020
“Your customer service and assistance is superb. Also your management of paperwork with HomePay is exceptional and takes so much stress off of families trying to navigate the complicated aspects of nanny taxes and payroll.”
- Kristen from New York, NY
June 26, 2020
“I had so many candidates from which to chose! Unfortunately, care for my mom is no longer needed.”
- Susan from Maryville, TN
June 24, 2020
“I found great providers on The screening helped me feel confident about selecting someone who is trustworthy.”
- Chevvon from Redondo Beach, CA
June 17, 2020
“Many choices for child care, background checks and interview question suggestions.”
- Tiffany from Salem, NH
June 15, 2020
“We found our perfect babysitter. We thought our requirement were to much but we found it through your app. Unfortunately due to the coronavirus issue we could not hire her at this time. But we do plan to hire her.”
- Patrick from North Hollywood, CA
June 14, 2020
“I have already recommended to friends. I found a great pet sitter and am so happy with how it all worked out. I will definitely use it again when I need help!”
- Wendy from Bozeman, MT

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