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November 02, 2018
“We found a great sitter that we love and found to be reliable as a vetting tool for sitters in our area.”
- Jaime from Sioux Falls, SD

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November 15, 2018
“Consistent communication in both style and content from both and HomePay.”
- Gair from West Nyack, NY
November 14, 2018
“I am not very tech savvy and am not able to follow everything suggested.”
- Nancy from Saint Petersburg, FL
November 13, 2018
“I have gotten good feedback from prospective employers.”
- Suzanne from South Ozone Park, NY
October 29, 2018
“Very easy to use! Great way to to get your name out there for nanny/babysitting jobs or care!”
- Sadie from Yacolt, WA
October 27, 2018
“I've been using over 9 years now and very thankful. I found many great jobs from”
- Janeta from Glendale, CA
October 20, 2018
“I'm very pleased with the service. I was able to find a capable caretaker in a short period of time.”
- Shelly from Sunderland, MA
October 14, 2018
“If someone wants to get a job here is an easy way to do it!!”
- Melissa from North Rose, NY
October 13, 2018
“Well, I don't have a computer at home and a Care com helped me to found a job with my cell phone. ”
- Teresa from Tomball, TX
October 07, 2018
“I think it a great service for people in need of assistance with their loved ones or themselves, pets, cleaning, etc... it is also great service for those seeking work!”
- Terrie from Harrodsburg, KY
October 04, 2018
“Great customer service every time I've used Care. That's why I keep coming back!”
- Ashley from El Cajon, CA
October 01, 2018
“I was not able to find a sitter that meet my needs so I don't know how well most of the site did. It was great and connected me to lots of people.”
- Tara from Hastings, NE
September 29, 2018
“I get good results from advertising on!”
- Carol from Norman, OK
September 28, 2018
“it's been a really great way to find work that fits into my busy schedule.”
- Maggie from Blacksburg, VA
September 23, 2018
“I am a person that get confused easily and I always have to press Help and I always been help the way I expected!”
- Marianna from Madison, NJ
September 18, 2018
“If the website gets a little more clarity like being more user friendly and easy to understand. I would give a 10. But all in all it's quite good”
- Amita from San Jose, CA
September 14, 2018
“Care is a great platform, however there should be more ability to change some of the formatting.”
- Bianca from Westerly, RI
September 05, 2018
“I have always been happy with the customer service. Also, the families I have had contact will are all very nice.”
- Patricia from Sarasota, FL
September 02, 2018
“My use of has been consistently beneficial. I have worked for many wonderful families having met them through”
- Kathy from Montpelier, VT
September 01, 2018
“Exceeded all expectations.”
- Kathleen from St. Louis Park, MN
August 20, 2018
“I did have trouble using the mobile version, it may be helpful to also explain that the desktop version may be different.”
- Erin from Northport, NY
August 17, 2018
“I thought the customer service was excellent. I am very please with I really see the value of what you do and appreciate that you have my back in seeking work.”
- Mary from Las Cruces, NM
August 13, 2018
“I have had a good experience with thus far but I am still getting to know the site.”
- Fatima from Brighton, MA
August 10, 2018
“ has done the work and laid out the road map for facilitating/networking and navigating the care business.”
- Regina from Lilburn, GA
August 08, 2018
“I have met so many wonderful, fabulous people through that I never would have met otherwise!”
- Susan from Medina, OH
August 07, 2018
“Excellent customer service! Makes finding a nanny easy and one stop shop (can purchase background check through care!)”
- Linda from Wilmington, DE
August 05, 2018
“My experience over the years has been good.”
- Susan from Buffalo, NY
August 01, 2018
“It is not perfect- but it is a very good service and I do appreciate it.”
- Debra from Charlotte, NC
July 27, 2018
“Easy to use and great selection of applications.”
- Barbara from Coos Bay, OR
July 24, 2018
“I was able to make a selection from good candidates and am very happy with my choice.”
- Shirley from Houston, TX
July 21, 2018
“You give helpful tips and advice to beginners and for the more seasoned help keep us up-to-date.”
- Kathleen from Bothell, WA
July 20, 2018
“I got everything I expected from and customer service reps were very understanding and helpful.”
- Stephanie from New York, NY
July 18, 2018
“I've never had a problem finding jobs!! Love!”
- Laura from Diberville, MS
July 17, 2018
“ was very easy to use and a viable option to make a connection. I am not looking for work at this time, but I have already referred people to use”
- Kelly from Kingston, NH
July 06, 2018
“Good organization. Safety for families and children always come first.”
- Tamara from Charleston, SC
July 03, 2018
“ has always been there for me, helping me out in different situations. I have had the opportunity to work with wonderful families.”
- Cheryl from San Diego, CA
June 25, 2018
“I've had good luck finding jobs in my area.”
- Hailey from Bangor, ME
June 21, 2018
“The website is user friendly for the most part,however I was unhappy that there was no phone number listed for assistance when I needed it after four years”
- Tricia from Carson City, NV
June 21, 2018
“ is a reliable website and helps you to find jobs in your area very easily.”
- Hailey from Mars Hill, NC
June 15, 2018
“I have been with since the beginning and have always been pleased with this company”
- Cynthia from Troy, NH
June 11, 2018
“Not enough jobs in my area”
- Miryam from Tampa, FL
June 10, 2018
“I got a great job through”
- Carol from Newtown, PA
June 03, 2018
“ has a wide variety of career choices with a exceptional list of clientele”
- Debra from Pleasant Hill, MO
June 01, 2018
“It's the best way to get a job or hire the best caretakers from all the places I've used.”
- Katie from Las Vegas, NV
May 28, 2018
“I like that I have the flexibility to choose which jobs I accept, and there are a variety of different positions available. I will gladly share this availability with friends and family.”
- Marilyn from Bixby, OK
May 16, 2018
“I feel as if maybe there is more Care can do to help caregivers and parents to be able to communicate.”
- Kristen from Plano, TX
May 15, 2018
“It's the best way to connect people who are looking for work with those who are looking for help.”
- Lea from Houston, TX
May 14, 2018
“Care has really helped me find jobs.”
- Elizabeth from Greensboro, NC
May 08, 2018
“Compared to similar sites, this one has been the best way to get jobs.”
- Lisa from Altoona, IA
May 05, 2018
“I would recommend to people, I would just tell them they have to be patient and cautious”
- Cheryl from Port Orchard, WA
May 03, 2018
“Offers plenty of jobs on a regular basis. There is always a customer service available to help with questions or situations. Very easy site to work with.”
- Jacqueline from Clarksburg, NJ
May 02, 2018
“Very happy and have been telling everyone about”
- Lisa from Orlando, FL
April 29, 2018
“It's was a little confusing setting up my profile.”
- Debra from Palm Beach, FL
April 28, 2018
“I am confident that the site and support is serious in keeping members safe. And your staff takes care of members concerns and questions in a courteous and timely manner.”
- Lori from Jacksonville, FL
April 26, 2018
“Excellent way to get jobs and excellent company!”
- Carrie from Bolingbrook, IL
April 11, 2018
“We have had wonderful babysitters through”
- Heather from Auburn, AL
April 09, 2018
“I believe you are a reputable company and keep us updated in any issue going on in your site.”
- Connie from Houston, TX
April 07, 2018
“I got my first caregiving job with you all within a few days and I found a housekeeper now many years later within 2 weeks.”
- Joyce from Las Cruces, NM
April 02, 2018
“I like the idea of and have found quite a few successful positions via the site, but I think there are still some major improvements to be had. ”
- Hannah from Minneapolis, MN
April 01, 2018
“Easily accessible!”
- Debbie from Severna Park, MD
March 29, 2018
“I love! It works really well and it is very easy to connect with families.”
- Ruby from Wilmington, NC
March 27, 2018
“I love the simplicity of the site.”
- Silvana from Parker, CO
March 24, 2018
“I've noticed the site is very serious and cautious in keeping an eye open to any possible would be scammers.”
- Lori from Jacksonville, FL
March 16, 2018
“It is a very good way to find jobs & connect with families.”
- Cassandra from Conroe, TX
March 15, 2018
“Overall the site is great in helping Nannies find good families.”
- Rosemary from Cornelius, NC
March 13, 2018
“Wonderful site and app.”
- Leah from Hopkins, MN
March 11, 2018
“I found a great nanny position through”
- Yvonne from Macomb, MI
March 03, 2018
“I was able to find a long-term placement with a fantastic family!”
- Samantha from Kansas City, MO
February 26, 2018
“I didn't find the website horribly user friendly to use, but I have found two positions from”
- Sue from Farmington, MI
February 24, 2018
“ was recommened to me and I found a very nice job in less than 3 weeks.”
- Christina from Lincoln, MA
February 20, 2018
“I really appreciate's customer service and have found several jobs.”
- Joyce from Charlotte, NC
February 16, 2018
“I have been with for many years now and I have always felt like a valued member.”
- Tina from San Diego, CA
February 08, 2018
“This website is amazing and the app is so easy to use! I love it.”
- Cada from Edmond, OK
February 05, 2018
“The site could be set up better so the jobs you aren't interested could be hiden.”
- Ali from San Antonio, TX
February 03, 2018
“I felt like it was easy to navigate the website and look for jobs I need.”
- Ajsela from Naples, FL
February 01, 2018
“Even though sometimes we do not all the responses from the people we applied to, there are a lot of different kind of jobs. ”
- Laura from Dallas, TX
January 26, 2018
“ provides a much-needed forum for employment opportunities.”
- Nancy from Gastonia, NC
January 22, 2018
“ is professional and organized. It keeps you updated on anything and job alerts. I love it!”
- Dakila from Independence, MO
January 19, 2018
“I've been with since 2011 and been very happy.”
- Christina from Peachtree City, GA
January 13, 2018
“It's a pretty easy app.”
- Freda from Springdale, AR
January 09, 2018
“Great way of connecting care employers and care employees.”
- Monica from Chicago, IL
January 08, 2018
“I have had nothing but positive experiences through When asking for help or assistance and when taking babysitting jobs. It is a great site!”
- Tami from Severn, MD
January 06, 2018
“I had great success on and will continue to search for jobs in the future as needed.”
- Marie from Beaver, PA
January 05, 2018
“Since I first joined I have had nothing but good things to say about them! The site is easy to maneuver and help is always available.”
- Leslie from Round Rock, TX
December 30, 2017
“Site is not as user friendly as it used to be.”
- Elaina from Oakland, CA
December 26, 2017
“I get a timely response and the jobs are always updated!”
- Denise from Ventnor City, NJ
December 23, 2017
“I have been with this website for many years, and I am very happy.”
- Carmen from Chicago, IL
December 21, 2017
“I think you offer an important service.”
- Denise from Dallas, OR
December 18, 2017
“The site is a great way to get hired!”
- Eleanor from Chicopee, MA
December 12, 2017
“I secured the part time flexible work with care that I wanted. Thank you!”
- Dennette from Suwanee, GA
December 05, 2017
“I find a great resource for jobs.”
- Courtney from Falmouth, MA
December 01, 2017
“Excellent service, would highly recommend to anyone!”
- Kasey from Medford, MA
November 28, 2017
“Website is very helpful and the tipes I receive are beneficial.”
- Anne from Prince George, VA
November 21, 2017
“I've been on for about 6 years and have always found very nice families!”
- Marina from Seattle, WA
November 16, 2017
“It's a great website; you can keep all inquiries and applications in the same place. It's easy and friendly to use.”
- Jeniffer from New Castle, PA
November 13, 2017
“I do recommend you those seeking care as well as caregivers.”
- Mary from Verona, WI
November 08, 2017
“I've already recommended you to someone looking for child care!”
- Carolann from Anchorage, AK
November 04, 2017
“I think the website is easy to use, very informative and takes the safety of users seriously.”
- Bonnie from Chesapeake, VA
November 03, 2017
“ is a company I can trust to take care of my need or problems that arises.”
- Mayme from Nicholasville, KY
November 01, 2017
“I appreciate the updates on jobs sent to my e-mail almost every day.”
- Nancy from Rockport, MA
October 19, 2017
“ is easy to use and navigate.”
- Rebeca from Elko, NV
October 17, 2017
“I am very pleased with the app and have no reason why I wouldn't recommend it.”
- Celena from Brewton, AL
October 16, 2017
“ is a trustworthy website in seeking care services.”
- Marsha from Miami, FL
October 14, 2017
“ is a great site! I found great clients through!”
- Sharon from Monticello, NY
October 13, 2017
“I have had great success finding a position with great families. I always recommend to others looking for care jobs.”
- Deanna from Champaign, IL
October 11, 2017
“ is a great company! I'm telling everyone about my success!”
- Cathy from Concord, IL
October 06, 2017
“It isn't exactly what I'm looking for but works well for people I know.”
- Kathryn from West Bloomfield, MI
October 02, 2017
“I've received a lot of job opportunities through It's great.”
- Jessyka from Cincinnati, OH
September 25, 2017
“ is very efficient!”
- Irma from San Diego, CA
September 22, 2017
“I've used your service over the years for nannies and have been very satisfied. Keep up the good work!”
- Gaelen from Philadelphia, PA
September 14, 2017
“I do like but it can be hard to navigate.”
- Tammy from Alton, IL
September 10, 2017
“ is a great way to connect with new jobs, as I have done a number of times. I have met good, honest, sincere people through your site.”
- Helene from Framingham, MA
September 08, 2017
“I have used over the years and the website has been very helpful. It's user friendly and connects you to a community of wonderful people.”
- Jennifer from Red Hook, NY
September 06, 2017
“I love the service provides!”
- Raven from Myrtle Beach, SC
September 04, 2017
“ has a lot of features but it's kind of difficult to get started.”
- Andrea from Quincy, MA
September 01, 2017
“Anytime I have had a need concerning customer service, it has been handled professionally and quickly.”
- Laurie from Derry, PA

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