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Care@Work is a transformative platform that lets employees manage all their family care needs 24/7, from any device.

Add Care@Work to your benefits program to help employees handle the important things at home, so they can do awesome things at work.

83% of millennials

would leave their jobs for one with better family care benefits. 1

What sets us apart

A digital platform that lets employees find, manage and pay for family care anytime, anywhere from any device.

Best-in-class services and 24-hour assistance to support diverse workforces across 19 countries.

Access to great local caregivers for kids, pets and parents—to support employees through all phases of life.

6 days a year

The average number of days employees didn’t miss work because of access to Care@Work services.2

Track ROI easily

Use our customizable, state-of-the-art HR dashboard to track real-time data.

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1Care@Work Better Benefits Survey, August, 2015

2Care@Work Better Benefits Survey, February, 2016