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Miniature Pinscher - "Min Pin"

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Size: Small (10 to 25 lbs.)
Lifespan: Long (12 to 15+ years)
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The Miniature Pinscher, or Min Pin, is a terrier-like toy breed, resembling the Doberman Pinscher in a smaller size. Min Pins, as with all German pinschers, were bred to hunt vermin and work as family guardians. Min Pins are related in appearance, personality, and care to the Manchester Terrier, Italian Greyhound, and Dachshund. Most Miniature Pinschers run between 9 and 13 pounds, and are lively, feisty "big dogs in a small body". As with most toy breeds, Min Pins are both fragile and oblivious of their own size, so special care must be given to ensure a their safety--especially around young kids and other dogs. Min Pins can make great pets with proper training, however this breed isn't recommended for small kids and will be best suited to a home with older, gentler kids. Min Pins are great for an adult, couple, or retired senior who can lavish this dog with affection and attention, but also firm, consistent training. Min Pins are infamous for becoming "tyrannical" if allowed to be spoiled and get their own way.

General Care

Miniature Pinschers are an old breed of working dog, not a designer accessory, and as such they need lots of exercise and companionship from their "master". Min Pins are known for being stubborn, and spoiling can create big problems with training and obedience (housebreaking is especially hard). Min Pins are curious, willful, and independent--they remain "puppies forever", with the activity level at 2 years old being the same as seniors, and also prefer to initiate contact with humans and other animals on their own terms, or they may bite. Min Pins have a short, smooth coat that requires little to no grooming, but like their cousins the Italian Greyhound, owners must be prepared to assemble a wardrobe for all types of weather. Min Pins hate rain and snow, and get cold easily. Owners should also beware of Min Pin "attacks" on small objects like bottle caps: because of the Min Pin's hunting instincts, they will put anything in their mouth (much like a toddler under 3) and choking is a common concern. Min Pins are also prone to obesity, especially if carried around and not walked daily.

For more information on Miniature Pinscher ownership and care, check out Friends of Penny Min Pin Rescue.

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