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Norwich Terrier

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Size: Small (10 to 25 lbs.)
Lifespan: Long (12 to 15+ years)
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The Norwich Terrier, or "Jones Terrier", and its close cousin the Norfolk Terrier are almost identical history and temperament. Originally bred as ratters in rural England, both of these terrier breeds are known for being feisty, curious, scrappy, and always ready for adventure. Both the Norwich Terrier and Norfolk Terrier make great family pets, but like all terriers need close and careful training given their strong hunting and digging instincts and independent minds. Both breeds should be supervised around small animals (cats, gerbils, birds, etc.) Norwich and Norfolk Terriers are used to being with their farmers or hunters 24/7, so this is not a breed for people or families who don't want a constant sidekick. Norwich and Norfolk Terriers make great walking companions.

Famous Norwich Terriers include Winky from Christopher Guest's movie Best in Show.

General Care

Norwich and Norfolk Terriers are great family dogs, eager to please, but with strong hunting instincts. Both breeds are affectionate, assertive but not overly aggressive, and very smart. Norwich and Norfolk Terriers are diggers, and need to be on-leash or in a secure yard all the time. They should never be "tied out", left alone outdoors unattended, or left in a kennel--this sensitive terrier breed needs to be with people. If you own a Norwich or Norfolk Terrier and aren't home during the day, you should definitely consider a dog walker or doggie daycare. Norwich and Norfolk Terriers get along with most other animals and are friendly towards strangers. These dogs should be brushed weekly, being "stripped" by a professional groomer yearly, and have few common health problems other than hip dysplasia and allergies. Norwich and Norfolk Terriers are tick and flea magnets, and should be carefully checked regularly especially for families living in areas where ticks are prevalent.

For more information on Norwich Terrier or Norfolk Terrier ownership and care, check out the Norwich and Norfolk Terrier Club.

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