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Brittany Spaniel

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Size: Medium (25 to 60 lbs.)
Lifespan: Long (12 to 15+ years)
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Sweet and sensitive, The Brittany Spaniel was originally bred as a gun dog in the Brittany province of France. Today's Brittanies still have their place in the field, but they have been growing in popularity as a companion animal. The Brittany is an exceedingly gentle and sweet animal, but they do require large amounts of exercise and hate to be left alone. Enthusiasts of this breed recommended Brittanies in pairs. The Brittany Spaniel is very easy to train with positive reinforcement more than punishment. This breed may become nervous and timid if treated roughly. The Brittany is an excellent dog with children and other pets. With any large dog, however, play time should be supervised, and the Brittany Spaniel's playfulness can sometimes be too much for small children. The Brittany adapts easily to new situations, making it an ideal city dog, but they do require daily physical and mental exercise.

General Care

The Brittany is a medium-sized dog weighing in around 30 to 40 pounds. Their medium-length coat is easy to care for; occasional brushings will keep it soft and reduce shedding. Socialization is extremely important, both with other animals and people. Brittany Spaniels enjoy constant companionship, so the household should have two animals or at least one person should be home during the day. Obedience training should be gentle and motivational, as the Brittany is sensitive, eager to please, and naturally cooperative. Harsh or tough methods can be counter-productive. The Brittany's lifespan is 10 to 12 years and they are typically free of health problems. These dogs love exercise and have endless stamina. Their coat makes them resistant to cold and water, so swimming is an excellent choice. As the Brittany is exceedingly friendly, they do not make good watchdogs—everyone they encounter is an immediate friend!

For more information on Brittany Spaniel ownership and care, check out the American Brittany Rescue.

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