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Boston Terrier

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Size: Small (10 to 25 lbs.)
Lifespan: Medium (8 to 12 years)
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Boston Terriers, sometimes also known as Boston Bull Terriers, are compact, funny, lovable, and athletic dogs that are the official state dog of Massachusetts. Boston Terriers are unmistakable with their patchwork black and white markings and short, slick coat. Originally bred for dog fighting, today's Boston Terrier is a gentle, smart, spunky and well-mannered family dog extremely popular the world over for its expressiveness and affection. Boston Terriers are well-adjusted dogs equally happy in an apartment or on a farm, and travel easily.

Famous Boston Terriers include: Rhett, the mascot of Boston University; Toto, in several of the Wizard of Oz books; Phiz, Helen Keller's pooch; Bug and Fester, Rose McGowan's dogs: and Lucy, belonging to Denise Richards.

General Care

Boston Terriers are generally easy to own and low-maintenance family pets. Boston Terriers only need about 30 minutes of playtime or a long walk daily. Bostons are eager to learn, eager to please, and therefore easy to train. Grooming requires cleaning the eyes and wrinkles on its face every day with a damp cloth, but bathe and brush only when necessary. Boston Terriers are average shedders. Common health concerns include breathing difficulty, pregnancy (must deliver by C-section), joint problems, deafness, allergies, and cardiac, skin, and eye disorders (cataracts and cherry eye). Bostons are known to snore and "reverse sneeze" due to their short snouts, which can either be endearing or aggravating depending on the owner.

For more information on Boston Terrier ownership and care, check out the Testimonials section at Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue.

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