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Size: Small (10 to 25 lbs.)
Lifespan: Medium (8 to 12 years)
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Puggles are an increasingly popular "hybrid" or "designer" breed created by mixing a Pug with a Beagle. Puggles were first introduced by a breeder in Wisconsin to rid the Pug breed of its common eye, breathing, and skin infection problems by crossing the popular breed with the affectionate and docile Beagle. Puggles often have the fawn or black colors, wrinkly nose, and curly tail of a Pug and the longer legs, longer body, floppy ears, and slightly bigger size of a Beagle. Puggles are generally playful, affectionate, and cuddly family lap dogs, but traits do vary and are unpredictable (just like any mutt).

Many media outlets named the Puggle as the Hottest Dog of 2005, citing celebrities James Gandolfini, Kelly Osbourne, Jake Gyllenhaal, and others as proud Puggle owners. According to reports, Puggles then accounted for over 50% of all mixed-breed sales in the U.S. in 2006, and are still considered the most popular of all hybrid dogs.

For more information, check out the Pug and Beagle pages.

General Care

Puggles are attractive family pets, especially for those who have children and live in cities. By breeding the healthier, even-tempered Beagle with the playful, comical Pug, enthusiasts claim to have found the "perfect dog." Puggles are generally energetic, happy dogs that love to be around their people. Overall, mutts do have fewer health problems than purebreds, but experts warn that it's hit or miss whether or not your hybrid puppy will actually have the traits you desire as it grows. If you like Pugs but not Beagles, or vice versa, then it's probably best not to take a chance on a hybrid dog. Puggles especially are a gamble: some do inherit the Beagle "howl", which can cause problems with neighbors and is one of the common reasons rescues cite for Beagle surrender.

For more information on Puggle ownership and care, check out Puggle.org.

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