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Originating from Siam (what is now known as Thailand), in the late 1800s, the Siamese cat reached its peak popularity in the United States in the 1950s and 60s. They even made their big-screen debut in 1955, creating trouble as the mischievous Si and Am in the Disney animated classic Lady and the Tramp. However, these svelte, muscular, pointy-eared cats aren't troublemakers. They are very social animals (you should hear the range of noises they make!), and love to play with their owners. With their temperament and energy level often compared to that of dogs, Siamese cats love to greet you at the door, and may be trained to fetch or walk on a leash. These lovable and affectionate cats make great pets for kids and seniors, as long as you'll be home to interact with them. However, be cautious about introducing another pet into your home. While they can eventually become great friends, your Siamese may be wary at first about having to share your love with another cat or dog!
General Care

What the Siamese cat has in energy, they lack in grooming needs. The Siamese cat has a beautiful, cream-colored coat with dark-colored areas, called "points", on their paws, tails, face, and ears. To keep this coat healthy, only a minimal amount of brushing is needed. In fact, too much brushing can damage your cat's coat, and you may want to use your fingers instead--try wetting your hands and running them backwards through the coat to collect lose hairs. While the Siamese is usually a healthy breed, it's possible for them to develop respiratory, heart, liver, and dental problems, so check with your veterinarian with any questions you have about the health or care of your cat. And, as always, be sure to keep up with regular vaccinations.

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