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Size: Large
Lifespan: Medium (8 to 12 years)
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If you want a cat you can wrap your arms around and give a big hug to, the large yet unassuming Ragdoll makes the perfect pet. The Ragdoll is less active than many other breeds, but what they lack in energy they more than make up for in love and affection (and size--males can top the scales at 25 pounds!) And, while the Ragdoll needs your affection in return, they don't need to be surrounded by activity, and will usually do just fine in single-person households. With their sparking blue eyes and flowing coats, this breed is a gentle beauty that lives up to its name. When picked up, these cats often become too relaxed and flop over, just like a rag doll!

General Care

Ragdolls shed considerably less than other long-haired breeds. They still need to be brushed; however, it is uncommon for their coats to form mats, which makes grooming necessary only about once or twice a week. Ragdolls are best kept as indoor cats and will be quite defenseless if threatened. The Ragdoll is generally robust and healthy, but as always, check with your vet with any other questions you have about the health or care of your cat, and be sure to keep up with regular vaccinations.

For more information about Ragdoll cat ownership and care, check out the Ragdoll Connection Network.

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