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Size: Medium to Large
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The long-haired, bright blue-eyed Birman cat has an elegant, striking appearance, and a personality to match. Birmans are social and love to interact with people, but they are also very unobtrusive and easily adapt to their owners and environment. This makes Birmans an ideal pet for families with children and seniors. And, if you have a Birman cat, you'll also an interesting story to tell about your pet--there is an ancient legend explaining how the Sacred Cat of Birma got its trademark white paws, or "gloves."

General Care

These cats are relatively low-maintenance, and even though Birmans are long-haired, their single-layer coat requires only a thorough brushing once or twice a week. There is no need to closely monitor your Birman's food intake, since they are not prone to weight gain like the American Shorthair. Just make sure to have fresh water available, give them a high-quality, dry cat food, and watch out for those hairballs! Birmans have no known breed-specific health concerns; however, make sure to get your pet checked regularly. Check with your veterinarian with any questions you have about the health or care of your cat, and be sure to keep up with vaccinations.

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