Kiddie Care Preschool

7 Willow Spring Ct
Germantown, MD 20874
7 Willow Spring Ct, Germantown, MD 20874
301-916-1311 301-916-1311

Kiddie Care Preschool

7 Willow Spring Ct
Germantown, MD 20874
7 Willow Spring Ct
Germantown, MD 20874
301-916-1311 301-916-1311
At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 2009
Total Employees: 1

LICENSING INFORMATION has not verified this business license. We strongly encourage you to contact this provider directly or Maryland's licensing department to verify their license, qualifications, and credentials.
The Safety Center has many resources and tools to assist you in verifying and evaluating potential care providers.

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At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.
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Jane L
Our grandchildren attend Kiddie Care. I am an X preschool teacher, having taught in several schools in- Montgomery County. I love the program that Kiddie Care offers. The children are prepped for kindergarten and i am so impressed on what they have learned there. No better place for your child!
We went to Kiddie Care for 2 yrs with our 3 children then ages 3, 5 and 7. Not only were they professional but they became extended family. My husband and I do not live near family so we had no one else to rely on. When we were late they understood, car broke down Mr Mike picked me up. They children, so happy! My oldest two went before and after school and during the summer. Never a worry about my kids! If we didn't move out of state for my husbands job we would still be there! We have been blessed to be apart of something so awesome! If you get in, count yourself lucky you can stop looking for care and never worry about your kids when Tammy has them.
I can not give a review that would give Tammy and kiddie care justice. My daughter Grace attended there for preschool and she is now in kindergarten. She hit the ground running at her new school and has been above her level the entire year thanks so the curriculum and hard work Tammy put in with the kids. The greatest feeling a mother can have to is to be able to drop her child off and know that her child is cared for as if it were their own. I never worried about anything. Grace still loves to pop in and spend time with Ms. Tammy. We love kiddie care!!
Alison R
Both my kids (just turned 4 and 1) have been going to Kiddie Care for a few months now. We have had other in-home care (horrible experiences) center experiences (below average) and in-home nanny experiences (great) Tammy runs a very happy, welcoming, and fun environment. She is very upbeat and can keep up with the kids and offer a very stimulating environment. I could not be happier with our experience thus far. I am so excited to see what is in store. They are both so excited to get there every morning and have smiles and stories to share with me when I pick them up. The weekly pics on fb are so fun and I love seeing updates on how they are learning and what they are doing. The projects they do are very educational. Our family could not have picked a more perfect fit. If she ever has a spot open, run do not walk to register your child here.
We have been going to kiddiecare since my daughter was about a year old (she's 4 now), and we love it. Tammy is fantastic and really takes the time to ensure that every family feels comfortable. We searched several places before taking our daughter to kiddiecare and really did not like the daycare center setting due to most caregivers really only seeing the children there as their "job" or as "work". Tammy is the opposite, she genuinely cares about the kids and enjoys what she does. She has a structured curricula as well, and over the course of the years we have been at kiddiecare I have seen my daughter progress significantly. Unfortunately we are moving so this is our last week at Kiddiecare, but I highly recommend Tammy and would keep her in mind for the day we have more children.
Michelle H
Awesome for children 0-5 years old. Highly recommend them they treat you like your family! Never any doubts or concerns. Both my girls attended for 2yrs till we moved. They were able to start right away thank goodness, my babysitter quit w/o giving me much notice. It all worked out for the better.
Lucy S
Wow!! Shocked at Annie's Review!! My 2 children were in Tammy's care for over 3 years and Tammy and Mike were both a godsend!!! I have never met such happy, kind, super clean people. I have been in other child care homes before and it was such a relief when i found them. I knew the moment i walked in the door. call it mother intuition or whatever but their home is so clean and warm. Filled with love. Both my son (now 7) and my daughter (now 5) were in Kiddie Care for 3 years and i have never had any issue with them what so ever. In fact its just the opposite! We were never charged extra for running late. They had Harvest Parties where the children dress up in "happy" costumes and get candy they even take professional pictures for both Harvest and Christmas Celebrations. I was so appreciative to get professional individual pics of each of my children for the holidays @ no charge and then a group picture we still have. Not to mention the curriculum as they turn 2 that was taught. Both my children went into kindergarten with the Teachers asking where they had been previously!!!! Kiddie Care of course. This review is the least i could do for their family and program. I agree with Ashley it take more than 4 days to know someone. I don't think you can find better care, love and clean environment. Oh and i almost forgot the major plus.....everything is on Facebook! Picture's, videos and all the detailed curriculum is posted every day/week. They don't just say they offer curriculum you get to see it, read it and watch videos. THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING!!!!!
I have had my infant from the age of 3 months in Tammy's care. She is now 4.5 years old and Tammy is her "second mother". I don't know what i would do, if it weren't for Tammy and her supportive husband Mike. When we are running late they have dinner with my daughter. When our car breaks down Mike comes to pick us up and takes us to get a rental and bring's us home with our daughter. Care for our child is extremely important but what we have found with Kiddie Care Preschool was much much more!!! They take care our our WHOLE family. I think Annie is extremely picky!!! Milk spills! kids spit up! I have never experienced that in 4.5 years we have been with Kiddie Care. Maybe if ANNIE stayed longer than 4 DAYS @ kiddie care she could have given herself her daughter and kiddie care a fair shot. I know Tammy well and she is never outside with the kids longer than 30 min. In all her pictures shared on Facebook your daughter has a blanket over her head. She also applies sunscreen with EVERY outing. Pink is normal. Some people need to take their children to a nanny!!! or stay home!!! :/ Good Luck Annie. God Bless you Tammy and your wonderful Family. I am dreading taking my child to Kindergarten but i know she will be ready to go with all the learning you provide in your curriculum program. I recommend Kiddie Care to anyone who is in need of INFANT care or toddler. The Love is overwhelming from the moment you walk in the door.
I would not recommend placing an infant at Kiddie Care. With the ratio of 1:8, (1 caregiver to 8 children) I didn't feel that my infant's needs were being met. I hate to write a poor review, but I feel it is my responsibility as a new mother to let other's out there know that it's not the best place for your infant. (And I'm not the only one who has had to pull their infant from Kiddie Care.)

My unsatisfactory experience is as follows:
1- One day my baby's car seat came home completely soaked. There was an inch of milk sitting underneath the fabric cover in the plastic part of the seat and the owner, Tammy, could not explain it...Because she had no explaination, I can only draw my own conclusion (using other clues too) which is that my baby's bottle was most likely being propped up against the side of the carseat (MAJOR choking hazard!!!) and left unattended for a long enough period of time for the bottle to empty itself all over my baby and soak through the carseat fabric.

2- The left side of my baby's face got a touch of sunburn after an afternoon of being at the park. A new baby's skin is sensitive and Tammy should know that and not have placed her in the sun at all.

However, I do feel that Kiddie Care is a good place for children ages 2-5. The home is clean, bright and the owner, Tammy, is very nice. She seems to really enjoy taking care of children and the children seem to really enjoy being in her care. I think there is a big difference between caring for infants and caring for older children and I think Tammy is better with the older kids than the little ones.
Reply from Kiddie Care Preschool
I welcome all thoughts and ideas as i am not, nor do i claim to be, without flaw. I would appreciate however, these thoughts to be expressed to me first, giving me the opportunity to defend myself, clear things up or for me to be made aware of any short comings and correct them for the future. I would then welcome any negative reviews that had foundation. The infant did not have sunburn, i know this for a fact, because sunburn does not go away overnight. also, i put sunscreen on all the children EVERY-TIME we go out(sunny or cloudy)and we do not stay outside longer than 30 min. I also ask any parent still with concern to bring long sleeves for me to dress their child in when going out, bring a hat and the sunscreen THEY prefer i use on their child. It is important that our group get fresh air regularly. Also, i held your baby the entire time we were outside with a blanket over her head, PICTURES WERE ON FACEBOOK TO PROVE IT. Your car seat had milk under the fabric because that is where it traveled after she regurgitated while i burped her over me lap. I did not notice that it traveled under her seat once we got back to the house and i wiped the fabric dry, i apologize as i am a "clean fanatic" and would NOT have left it that way on purpose, your CHILD was CLEAN AND DRY in the seat, @ pick-up. I do feel that Gwen made a great addition to our group and i AM qualified to care for infants as i am a mother of a 10 year old with over 300+ hours in professional/classroom training, over 600 hours hands-on substitute training and i have been running Kiddie Care for over 4 years with 0 accidents. I have learned throughout this ordeal to ask more questions during the interview process as many "red flags" came up but my husband and i chose to write them off as "FIRST TIME PARENT GITTERS". I Love my job and i love these children. Lord willing, I intend to have a long career in the business as long with God as my business partner. Infants especially, included. I am one person and realize i cannot please everyone, and that's O.K. I will continue to do my very best each and everyday and accommodate as many different parents needs as i possibly can. God Bless.
My 4 year old son has been at kiddie care going on a year now. It was my first time leaving him in any organized daycare setting. Not only was Tammy reassuring and comforting to him through the transition but she also helped to comfort me through my separation woes as we went from an in home nanny to a group setting. My son went from crying when I left to now running to ring the doorbell. He has developed so many new skills that I credit to the amazing curriculum and Tammy's teaching. I'd recommend Kiddie Care to anyone!
This is actually the end of the first week my son attended Kiddie Care. As a mother of 2 now, I knew how hard it was going to be to leave my 11 week old in the care of someone else while I went back to work. Besides the love of the caregiver (top priority), one of the most important things I look for in an in-home daycare is how clean, safe and sanitary the house is. On a scale of 1-10, I give their house an 11. Not only that, but Tammy is very organized...with everything. From paperwork to diaper counts, she is on top of it all. Kiddie Care is also on Facebook which has given me even more relief throughout my sons first week. She posts pictures of the babies/kids during their activities and even pictures of what's on the menu for lunch! Although my 11 week old doesn't do much right now, it is very reassuring to see how the other children are getting healthy meals and snacks. Another very positive thing that I look forward to is Tammy's stimulating curriculum. She creates newsletters and Facebook posts about the carefully planned educational schedule each month. Needless to say, I am in love with Kiddie Care already, and all the love my son is getting :) I 100% recommend!!!
Tom S
I have known Mike and Tammy lines for many years being employed at the U.S. Postal service with them before Tammy decided to follow in her mom's footprints and start Kiddie Care Preschool. I also attend the same church ( Church of the Redeemer ) as they do. You will not find a more loving and caring couple than these two. I remember when my kids were young and finding good daycare was gut wrenching. I would without a doubt recommend these wonderful Christian people.
A very reliable and trustworthy source whereas you can feel comfortable leaving your babies here as you go about every day life. The caregiver is attentive, responsible, and very Christian. She keeps you updated and shares information with you as it is very stressful to leave your newborns and small children behind. There are awesome learning activities and games to keep your small ones entertained. I definitely recommend.
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