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Bibigul Azmaganbetova, 20 years old, from Kazakhstan
I think that they will be kind and generous people. Their children will so sweet. That i will feel their warmth.
Interests and Hobbies: Cycling,Horse Riding,Gymnastics,Running,Volleyball,Choir,Going To Concerts,Cooking Baking,Listening To Music,Shopping,Socializing With Friends,Traveling,Childcare,Coaching Training,Teaching
Profile Details
  • Female
  • 20 Years Old
  • Non Infant Qualified (Qualified to care for children age 2 and older)
  • Drivers License Year - 2018
Additional Details
  • Available Through: GreatAuPairUSA (250551)
Available Until
  • Earliest Start:May 21, 2019
  • Available Through:December 31, 2019