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Tutoring & Lessons
I need you Monday-Wednesday from 8:30-11:30, teaching my boys ages 2 1/2 years old and 18-months. Please be in touch if you think you can help.
Part Time
Honors Algebra Help
My son is in 10th grade honors algebra and is struggling. He needs help studying for test. This is an urgent need as the next test is on Feb 27
Part-time Tutor Needed
Tutor wanted for gifted 15-year-old boy with organizational and study habit challenges. Content tutoring is less important that motivational strategies and study techniques - getting the homework done and turned in is the ultimate goal! Hoping for 1-2 hours twice/week... more
Part Time
Need Math Tutor
Need math tutor for 9th grade math.
Part Time
Need Spanish Tutor
Need high school level 4 Spanish tutor.
Part Time
Need a tutor for a senior, he needs help to finish the year strong.
Part Time
Looking For A Math Tutor
My son is in need of a math tutor. He is in 7th grade. Please message me if interested.
Part Time
Tutoring For School
I'm looking for a tutoring for 2/days a week for 8th grade English & Math. I would greatly appreciate you getting back to me as soon as possible. If need be, I could also be reached by phone and leave a message and I will return the phone call. Thank you Elizabeth
Part Time
Math, Science, Language, Music, And Sports Tutors Neede...
Take Lessons is looking for candidates to fill the roles of Math Tutor, Science Tutor, Chemistry Tutor, Algebra Tutor, Biology Tutor, Computer Science Tutor, Music Teacher, Spanish Tutor, French Tutor, ESL Instructor, Accent Reduction Coach, Dance Teacher, Acting... more
Part Time
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