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This is a place where parents can come to talk about ADHD/ADD and tips to help work with your children in a peaceful way. To talk about medications and routines. More »
Members: 1850
Care.com for AECOM More »
This is a place where proud Air Force parents can talk about the unique challenges they face and find help with child care, parenting, and more. More »
This Coop are for children and families that don't necessarily fit the "typical" category. It's for children in all age ranges, with all types of abilities, disabilities, medical needs, etc. This coop is for playdates, babysitting,... More »
This is a place where proud Army parents can talk about the unique challenges they face and find help with child care, parenting, and more. More »
Just for you, 25% off Premium Membership! We've all been there. Maybe you are waiting for your au pair to arrive, your au pair got sick or they've worked their fixed hours. You need care fast...like ten-minutes-ago fast! That's... More »
Meeting place for parents of children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum to talk and share strategies, treatments, etc. Traditional (ABA-type) vs. alternative/biomedical therapies? What's working and what isn't working for your child?... More »
I would like to babysit your children. More »
I know we all need a little break here and there when the guys OR gals are away on duty. What's better then helping each other out? My thing is I know no one here and every one wants $ 15 for a hour to watch my kids. So I figure if... More »
For the families of Bergen County to exchange ideas, questions, and tips for raising a family in Northern New Jersey. More »
Welcome to Care.com for BigTent Admins! More »
Need an After School Tutor and Driver to our 12 yr Old Many Sports More »
This group is for anyone who loves cats and wants to discuss them. More »
Parents that have children with Mild Cerebral Palsy More »
I am looking to meet other parents who are gay and I figured I would try here. I am a new mom and that alone is hard and being gay has its challenges as well, and I know I'm not the only one so we can help each other out. More »
The main character. She is a smart, optimistic, sarcastic, witty and realistic teenage girl. The whole series is seen through her point of view (excluding the episode "Ferguson Explains It All"). Despite her rationalism, she often... More »
A group for parents who live and work in North Dakota. More »
Group of Filipino families to socialize More »
This group is created to exchange information about the first time fathers. Please feel generous to contribute by information to all concerned. More »
Members: 38
Care.com for GEA More »
Are you an employed, single parent and totally in love with your children? This group is for single moms who work hard and have no time to whine with life's limitless challenges. Have you gotten over the fact that you are not the... More »
This group is to create a meeting place where people who need help exchange services to receive help. No money passes hands. Examples would be childcare, handyman, errands, shopping, car pooling, pet sitting, gardening, crafts, cleaning,... More »
This group is for parents with special kids that have big hearts. Meaning they either have a heart disease or have a minor fluke that affected their heart. This is a group that you can come to express your feelings or ask your... More »
A group for those of us who are living with a chronic disabling disease, such as ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, PPS, etc. How can we make things easier for ourselves? How to get the care and help we need? Let's share ideas and give each... More »
Are you caring for a parent or loved one who lives in another town or across the country? If so, you know the challenges and pressures of trying to make sure your loved ones have everything they need to live well. Meet other... More »
At MOPS International you will find Real Mom Friends, Mothering Support, Parenting Help, Family & Marriage Support in Local Moms Groups. MOPS/Mothers of Preschoolers welcomes pregnant moms to be, new moms, SAHM stay-at-home moms, WAHM... More »
This is a place where proud Marine parents can talk about the unique challenges they face and find help with child care, parenting, and more. More »
This is a national support group and discussion board for military families. Connect with other families, share advice, and form an online community of parents looking to serve the needs of their children while also serving their country. More »
Exchanging care with families who have busy schedules or need time to accomplishing everyday tasks. Families that have jobs that don't follow the traditional mon-fri work schedule. More »
This group is for moms who have been living with postpartum depression and anxiety. More »
Moms who have multiples can discuss unique challenges and give advice and tips. More »
Discussing the hardships, the blessings, the triumphs of raising triplets. In working with each other and asking questions, parents can know the ins and outs of what has worked in helping them get through the hardest parts of raising... More »
Lets share tips on saving money for all expenses! More »
Members: 63
Care.com for NPR More »
This is a place where proud Navy parents can talk about the unique challenges they face and find help with child care, parenting, and more. More »
Find support and connect with other parents of children with Asperger's Syndrome. Join our group to share resources and ideas to meet the unique care giving needs of our children. More »
This is blog dedicated to helping the parents of Children with Congenital heart defects. As a parent of a child with a CHD I know personally that isolation and despair can set in at difficult times and the need to connect and talk... More »
Information and idea sharing among parents with children diagnosed with (or suspected of having) Rett's Syndrome. More »
A forum for parents with kids who have diabetes. A place to voice our concerns with leaving our children with anyone. Maybe exchange care with another diabetic family, or find solutions to some of the things we all struggle with. More »
Parents of multiples share ideas suggestions and survival skills needed to get through some of the difficult times raising multiples. More »
A place to come for support and answers. During those fun times and also the difficult ones. More »
A forum to help exhange tips, recipes, stories on raising Celiac children. More »
This group is for parents and caregivers of children with cerebral palsy of all ages. It will provide a networking of ideas and resources. More »
Care.com for Philips More »
I think it would be great for parents in Prince George's to get together -- online and, perhaps, in person -- to share ideas and information on parenting, family activities, events, schools, education...etc.! I'm new to the group... More »
Members: 1
searching for teach or house family More »
We are a group of loving, caring families who seek to help one another with care for their little treasures so that parents can get a little time to themselves, whether it be for errands or a date night. More »
This group is for parents who are sandwiched between caring for their kids and their own aging parents! Modern families come in all shapes and sizes these days. Join our group and tell us about your family - the challenges you face... More »
This group is for parents of school-age children who are involved in fundraising - from raising money to writing grants - in their child's school, from nursery school to high school. We want to share tips on great events, great companies... More »
This group is a place to share stories, tips, resources, and advice for caregivers of aging loved ones. We discuss everything from practical matters, like hiring in-home assistance, to emotional challenges, such as helping a loved... More »
It's a whole different ball game. Let's help each other out. More »
This is for single parents with children of any ages that are looking for support or tips on balancing family, career and social life while fulfilling your lifes mission. More »
This Group Is For Single Moms Who Do It All. They Work, Go To School, And Maintain Their Household. More »
My son is going on 15, and every year I battle for childcare. I know I'm not the only one who works full-time and needs sitters that are reliable and most of all...trustworthy. More »
For parents of sport-loving kids looking for helpful tips and advice on encouraging children to be better teammates and athletes. We'll also talk about the latest news, safety information, and more! More »
Stay-at-Home Moms face their own unique challenges. Here's the place to connect with other SAHM's, help each other out, and share from your own journey! More »
Members: 1
good More »
Fun loving group who would like to make life long friends. More »
Place where members can alert other members to problems/errors/freezes/stalls/etc/etc that are happening (but never announced!) More »
A place where teen parents or past teen parents can talk about their experiences and offer advice. More »
The purpose of this group is to help each other think of innovative ways to stay sane and take that mental break when needed... be it a vacation suggestion, quick get away, or ideas for "me time". Being a new working mom, I'm specifically... More »
Dog lovers of Care.com unite! Love dogs? Then this is the group for you -- let's dish. More »
This is a group for mommies who have twins. Having twins is different than having two kids. Twins learn to share everything since they were conceived. How much individuality do we need to encourage? How do we handle them when they... More »
Honoring our USAA Military Spouses. You have been awarded One Year of Free Premium Membership. Join now or sign in to get started! More »
A one-stop location for recipes and suggestions for the dinner table. It's a place to share the "secret ingredient" with friends or cook up new ideas to try in your own home. More »
Are you a working mom? Are you looking for support in managing the daily shuffle? This group is all about supporting fellow working moms--new tips, helpful advice, a place to ask questions, or even a shoulder to lean on. More »
Is for young moms of all ethnicities...particularly young moms of color between the ages of 16-27 looking for support and comfort through finding they're sense of belonging with a network of other young women. More »
Members: 1
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