Browse all topics about caring for children.
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Find babysitting FAQs, tips for landing the perfect job and important things to know before your first day.
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Advice on schools, including how to be organized, communicate with teachers, handle school-related stresses, plan after-school child care and have a successful year.
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Get helpful advice on finding backup child care when you need to hire a last-minute nanny or babysitter to watch your kids.
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Everything you need to know to prevent, identify and stop bullying -- whether your child is the victim or the bully.
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Ideas for creating a summer child care plan, finding a summer sitter, traveling with kids, choosing a summer camp, planning fun summer activities and making kid-friendly summer food.
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Learn about common milestones and child development stages, whether you have a baby, toddler, preschooler or elementary-aged child.
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Learn everything you need to know about day care, including how to find a day care and how to give your child the best day care experience possible.
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How to discuss death, divorce, bullying and other difficult topics with your kids. Get advice here.
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Tips for setting up rules, punishing misbehavior, dealing with tantrums, and avoiding common discipline mistakes.
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Find kid-friendly holiday recipes, kid costume ideas, travel tips, holiday crafts, holiday gift ideas and advice on how to tip babysitters and nannies.
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Stay on top of trends in productivity and wellness in the workplace. Find articles, advice and industry information intended for HR professionals.
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Ideas for entertaining kids of all ages with crafts, sports, games, books and more!
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Information on sick kids, allergies, mental health, weight concerns, child development and safety and medical emergencies.
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Inspiration for kids' birthdays, holiday parties, recipes that kids will love and how to make every party kid-friendly.
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Looking to hire a live-in nanny or find a live-in nanny job? Here is everything you need to know about the process, including what to pay a live-in nanny and live-in nanny interview questions.
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Support for military families and information on deployment, reintegration, transitions, military advocacy and military family care.
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Get advice on raising a baby, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, soothing a crying baby and finding the best baby products.
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Tips and humor from real moms and dads on common child care issues, relationships, work-life balance, holidays, activities and more.
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Guidance on pregnancy, what to buy before the baby comes, care concerns, baby names and how to prepare for an infant.
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Advice for keeping your relationship strong, building friendships, resolving arguments, planning date nights and being a single parent.
Photo of a child care center professional
From marketing and recruiting to managing the day-to-day, find tips and advice for care professionals and small business owners that can help you run your business.
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Tools for building kids' confidence, managing sibling conflicts, teaching manners and encouraging your kids to be their best.
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Advice from CEOs, career coaches and working parents on creating priorities, being a successful working parent and managing time and guilt.