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I recently experienced an emergency medical situation while traveling for work. Surgery was involved so my husband needed to fly out to join me. A much loved sitter of ours jumped in to care for our children (got them to school, meals,... More »
Posted By Jennifer S. in group Working Moms »

Noticed nobody commented on your post so I thought I would. I don't know how I got to the cat lover site as well I really am not good on the computer. I have a tablet my son set up for me when he visited from Baltimore last summer.... More »
Posted By Robin C. in group Cat Lovers »

sorry a few grammatical errors. lol More »
Posted By Samantha G. in group TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES »

One of my principles of business (which works in all of life, as well) is, "People cannot say 'yes' if you don't ask the question." So in a verbal encounter, by all means ask the question. When posting a job, I always state the starting... More »
Posted By Jane H. in group Living with a Chronic Disabling Disease »

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