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Hi everyone! Nice to "meet" you all! I am a new Mom to a 6-week old daughter. I work in a remote capacity for a small financial planning firm with 2 offices (both in different states). I work "normal" business hours - but my firm... More »
Posted By Jennifer M. in group Working Moms »

I hope you gave this young woman a review in care.com so other people can benefit from your experience, especially since it was a bad one. Also, think of it as a blessing she quit, because if you had fired her you could have been... More »
Posted By Kate G. in group TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES »

Jason, Thank you very much for the advice and feedback. Usually we have family close by like a grandma or uncle or aunt to watch the kids. So, I was successful to be matched with a good nanny recently and is going well. I was very... More »
Posted By Douglas H. in group Single Parents »

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