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Not to scare you or anything, but when you have someone who is not behaving like a normal adult - and they are around your kids - you have to BE VERY CAREFUL. If you think that the person you hired is disgruntled / unhappy / bitter... More »
Posted By Ava W. in group TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES »

I agree with Elizabeth, 3 weeks paid time off and a gift is perfect! More »
Posted By Mariam F. in group Working Moms »

My ex married a woman whom he touted to the kids as the mother they should have had. Fortunately, they ignored that and lived their lives. After almost 10 years of trying to be their mother, she had her own kids, and guess what? Yep,... More »
Posted By Sheila B. in group Single Parents »

I have the same question, what is the AC Protocol? Here's what Bing turned up ... http://acautism.com/en/ http://recoveringnicholas.com/2009/04/29/andy-cutlers-chelation-protocol/ More »
Posted By Stephen L. in group Autism Therapy »

My son has been going for the last couple of years to Springhill camp in Evart Mi. he loves it and although it is a christian camp it has help a little with his social issues, He excels in school, he just has social issues along with... More »
Posted By Kristine G. in group Parents of Children with Asperger's »

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