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What are some resources you use to balance your life? Between parenting and career. More »
Posted By Aurelia B. in group Single Parents »

My gosh. Each line I read I feared for your child safety. Im also a military family but my husband is a veteran now, I remember being on my own with 2infants and 1 toddler. My prayers go out to you. Those difficult times prepared... More »
Posted By Trisha B. in group TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES »

How have people handled hiring a nanny that is 18? A background check is not really valid since any offenses would be considered juvenile and not public record since they would be sealed. I am looking for a little advice. We have... More »
Posted By Tanya B. in group Working Moms »

I have the same question, what is the AC Protocol? Here's what Bing turned up ... http://acautism.com/en/ http://recoveringnicholas.com/2009/04/29/andy-cutlers-chelation-protocol/ More »
Posted By Stephen L. in group Autism Therapy »

My son has been going for the last couple of years to Springhill camp in Evart Mi. he loves it and although it is a christian camp it has help a little with his social issues, He excels in school, he just has social issues along with... More »
Posted By Kristine G. in group Parents of Children with Asperger's »

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