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As a Nanny myself, I never expect to be fed when I'm at a clients house. Most of the time food and beverages are offered, but I never "go to work" without packing my own meal or assuming anything. Unless it's part of the contract... More »
Posted By Jessica G. in group Working Moms »

Emma, I have changed my recruitment I have tried to appeal to their since of obligation however being that I am currently going though a divorce I have not tried to increase their salary. I am new to the area just outside Boston and... More »
Posted By Geanita S. in group Single Parents »

Hi Keisha, Don't feel that you are discriminating. The truth is that child care may not be an appropriate job for someone with disabilities. If ithe disability inhibits them from doing their job properly or being able to respond in... More »
Posted By Janet B. in group TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES »

Happy holidays everyone!!! I guess I now accept that there is no such thing as a perfectly "healthy" child with Autism. There's always something we are helping them battle: bowel issues, sleep issues, picky eaters, seizures, metabolic... More »
Posted By Farah I. in group Autism Therapy »

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