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classes for toddlers?
By Jo F. on Thu Feb 24, 2011 at 12:32 PM EST
I have a question about classes? My son took music classes - music together - since he was about 10 months old and we've taken tumbling classes, too. But now that he's 2.5, I'm thinking about nursery school, part-time. Are most of you putting your toddlers into a 3s class? how many times a week? And do they really get anything from a few hours? What should I be looking for on these little school tours and are there specific questions to ask?
By Ellen A. on Fri Feb 25, 2011 at 1:38 AM EST
Every move that you make in regard from socialization to learning, all depends on if the child really wants to go to these things, is mature enough to handle the more time in a class than they are used to, and will they get bored? I was skipped two grades and started grade one at three years old. I was so bored by public school that although I memorized everything verbatim to what was being said to or about me, that they complained that I had the capability, I just refused top use it. Pity, they said.

My mother said she could not keep me home as I would go to the door every day and cry out as I saw all the kids walking to school. I wasin a drama class, a tumbling class, art class, swim class, anything I could think to do. My sister is over two years older than I , but she was not interested in tumbling or drama nor anything else that was required of her before she was told, "You are a big girl, and big girls go to school". She loved school and excelled while I hated every moment of elementary school. I started high school at age 13. Way too young.
. If your child really wants to go, maybe you can get a "punch card" and use it at "free plays" at Kindermusik and Great Play , things of that nature. You are doing a wonderful job!! You are so nurturing to care about what the future holds for your child/children if you start them so early . Feel that gut instinct. Has it EVER told you wrong when you really listened, no matter how painful?

Maybe one child will go to a tumbling class while the other just wants time with you or just to be alone? Just keep all the lines of communication open and you are well on your way!! Believe it or not, even in some communities where it seems that there is nothing to do with your toddler, there are clubs and play groups, and people who want their shildren to learn and develop a certain way. I think if you just let all your lucky children know that if they want to look at the place and try it without guilt, that's great My poor parents did buy me that horrendously expensive violin after I put on a performance that would have made Meryl Streep applaud.

I think deep down you know what to do. You just really want peole to tell you yes do it. Or do NOT. That isn't because you're weak. It is because you are human. And all those "teachesr" who said it was " such a pity" about me, I never though about them once as I walked across the stage when I graduated college and beyond. Montessori is a great way to teach and learn. I am not a teacher, by the way.

Shalom, Peace, Namaste
By Tina T. on Thu Apr 12, 2012 at 1:54 AM EDT
I would love to put my kid who will be turning three this summer, in a class. He excells and I think he becomes bored at home. We live in the country so it is a bit hard to find places to bring him, but I think that as a parent you always know your child. Our reasoning right now for not signing him up for a class is that he has to be potty trained to go, and this has been a real struggle for us. I am hoping by fall he will be able to go. I have thought about the fact that he would then have 2 years of preschool and may become bored with it, however I have tried to put him in daycare for a short period of time when I have appointments(he has a little sister at home). The first time went fine, the second time was ok and the third time he basically cried for 4 hours. I guess trying to get him to socialize with other kids isnt going as well as I thought. I dont want to stress him out (he is that smart) so I think I will just leave it to be how ever it turns out and remind myself, that each child is different and I will offer what I can to him and he will let me know what he likes and enjoys as he grows up. My kids also love music and we dont have the music classes available here, so I just try to provide the instruments and music to them and let them discover it!
I do think a few hours can be great for many things, learning independance and socializing with other children.
I think the questions to ask places should pertain to what is important to you. For example what does a days schedule look like , does it include art, music, playtime ect. Are the teachers certified if that is important to you. How do they deal with issues that may arise or what are there communication policies with parents. What is expected of each child who attends(do they expect them to learn how to write by the time they are done with class.) Asking how they teach if its one on one, do they use computers or others way to teach the children.
Many good programs have flyers to address the basic questions and give you an idea of their program and many will have open houses which is a good time to check them out.
Good luck with your decisions.
By Rob H. on Tue May 15, 2012 at 3:46 PM EDT
We haven't had our DD in preschool yet. She is 4 and looking for preschools for fall now, maybe 2 or 3 half days/ week.
We've had her in gym classes, Sunday school, and art classes at library. Also, tried dance but they didn't do much in class at all....same thing every week. May try different dance studio.
Having trouble finding a preschool but will keep looking because DD really wants to go and is always "playing school" with her dolls.