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HomePay for financial advisors

We know that as a trusted advisor, you want to simplify the financial lives of your clients, in part by helping to align them with the right resources. Whether your clients have nannies, senior caregivers, home health aides, housekeepers or other people working in their homes, HomePay makes being a household employer easy for busy families. From paydays to tax time and all points in between, we take care of and assume full accountability for every household employment obligation. We’re here to:

  • Manage payroll calculations, prepare paystubs, and process Direct Deposit payroll each payday.
  • Prepare and file state and federal employment tax returns.
  • Prepare and distribute Form W-2.
  • Prepare and file Form W-2 Copy A/Form W-3 each January.
  • Prepare Schedule H to be filed with Form 1040.

As an Authorized Contact for your clients, you and their tax preparers can access all payroll and tax documents on our client service site at any time.

In addition, we support and guide your clients with comprehensive tax and payroll expertise. We also manage notices from state tax agencies and monitor changes in tax rates and regulations. Join the many financial professionals who refer their clients to us for their household employer (also known as the “nanny tax”) obligations. Since 1992, we’ve served more than 60,000 clients in all 50 states and processed more than $3 billion in household payroll.

Learn more about how outsourcing household employment to HomePay works.

Helpful tools and resources

  • Our team of experts are here to support you and your clients on everything related to household taxes and payroll.
  • How can I introduce this to my clients? We have a Employment Packet that makes it easy for families to get started. Email us and we’ll be happy to send you a copy. Additionally, you can pass along this quick tour video explaining how HomePay works.
  • Check out our tax calculators for families and caregivers and the state by state guide for household employment requirements.

Call 888-273-3356 or contact us to learn more about our Partnership Program.

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