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At HomePay, provided by Breedlove, we take great pride in handling all of the household employment tax, payroll and HR obligations — thereby eliminating the work, worry and risk for busy families. Unlike a typical accounting firm or payroll service, household employment is all we do — it’s all we’ve ever done since 1992. The following FAQ is intended to clarify how we deliver our No-Work, No-Worry promise:

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Do you obtain tax IDs for me?

Yes, we work with the state and federal tax authorities on your behalf to get your tax accounts established as a household employer. We also set ourselves up as the mailing address with the state agencies so you don’t have to deal with the stream of alerts and notices throughout the year. We’ll monitor and manage all correspondence for you and advise you as necessary.


Do you file the state-required New Hire Report for me?

Yes, we prepare the report on your behalf for each employee you hire and make sure it’s filed with the state prior to the deadline. You don’t need to do anything.


Can you help me obtain a workers’ compensation insurance policy?

Yes. We've partnered with a leading workers' compensation insurance broker and an A-rated underwriter that can write policies for most families that employ a nanny or senior caregiver. With free instant quotes, a streamlined application process and expert claim support, it's a convenient, affordable solution for busy families.




Do you generate paystubs for my employee each pay period?

Yes, we generate paystubs each payday. They include line-item details for the current pay period, as well as the year-to-date totals. Your paystubs will be archived on your online account, so you and your employee have access to historical payroll records anytime they’re needed.


What if the pay needs to change for one specific pay period?

No problem. You’ll be able to change your payroll easily and quickly by logging into your account or by calling us at (888) 273-3356. We have an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly online payroll manager tool that allows you to preview the compensation details for your employee and easily modify the hours or gross wages. If you make a change, a new paystub instantly appears so you can preview and approve the new payroll.


Do I have to remember to go to my online account or call every payday with my payroll information?

No, we send a courtesy email reminder prior to each payroll deadline. The email shows the gross wages and net pay for the pay period. It also provides you with a link to your online account in case you need to make a modification.


What if I had a payroll change that I forgot to report?

No problem. Just give us a quick call and we’ll correct the payroll for you by reconciling the difference on the next paycheck.


So, I’m only supposed to pay the net amount each pay day? What happens to the taxes?

Yes, each payday your employee receives the net pay amount. The difference between the gross wages and the net pay are considered the employee’s “tax withholdings.” The tax withholdings remain in your bank account until they are due to the appropriate tax authority. At that time, we remit the taxes along with the appropriate employment tax returns.


If I choose Direct Deposit, how does the money get from my bank account to my employee’s bank account?

We handle the movement of money via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Once we get your bank account and your employee’s bank account set up for Direct Deposit, we initiate a debit transaction from your account three business days prior to payday (the bank clearinghouse process takes three business days). The money is then credited and the funds are available to your employee on payday. Most families and their employees prefer this option because it eliminates writing checks and making trips to the bank.




Do you prepare and file my employment tax returns?

Yes, we take full responsibility for preparing and filing your household employment tax returns as well as remitting the tax dollars to each tax authority. We'll also prepare your Schedule H so you can attach it to your personal income tax return.


Do I get to preview the returns before they’re filed?

Yes, prior to each state and federal tax return deadline, we’ll prepare your tax returns, post them to your online account and notify you via email. All of your tax returns will be archived in your online account so you can access them any time.


What taxes are remitted and how do you collect them from me?

Since you only pay your employee the net pay amount each pay period, the tax withholdings remain in your bank account. At the end of the tax period, all the taxes you withheld from your employee – plus your employer taxes – need to be remitted. We calculate the appropriate amounts that need to go to the federal and state tax agencies and provide you with advance notice of the amount due and the collection date. All you need to do is make sure your account is adequately funded at least one business day prior to the collection date; we take responsibility for sending the proper amounts to the proper tax agencies by the deadlines.




Do you help me understand and provide guidance on applicable labor laws?

Yes, unlike most payroll services and accounting firms, our specialization in household employment gives us expertise in all the unique and complex labor laws that can affect families. And we’ve built our service to include unlimited, instant access to our team of experts. You can give us a call anytime you have a question or a concern and we’ll spend as much time as you need – at no extra charge. Many of our clients call us during or immediately following the hiring process so we can assess their individual situation and make sure their employment relationship is set up properly from the start. This proactive approach tends to prevent expensive mistakes and provide peace of mind to both employer and employee. If you haven’t called us already to have that conversation, we welcome you to do so.


If I have questions, concerns or problems, will I be able to get through to someone promptly?

Absolutely. We’re staffed with experts who answer the phones—often on the first ring! Whenever you call, the expert who answers will access your information and resolve your issue promptly. No waiting. No phone tag. No getting passed around to different departments. Most of our competitors don’t do this—or if they do, they charge a fee for it. We feel prompt, professional service should be standard.


The last company I used didn’t help with government notices and I wasted a lot of time. Do you help with this?

Yes. Unlike most of our competitors, this is something we handle as part of our service. We know it’s frustrating and time-consuming to deal with government agencies. Like everything else related to household employment, you can relax and let us take care of it.


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