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Caroline L.
  • From £8 /hr
  • Dudley
My name is Caroline, I am 30 years old and I have looked after children for the past 12 years
| I qualified in 2005 and hold a level 3 DCE in childcare. I did placements in schools and nurserys, my last placement at The Elms Day Nursery part of the University of Birmingham kept me on and employed me as a nursery officer; I worked for the university for 3 years working with ages 6 months + . Here my job role was to be organised, good time keeping, excellent attendance, weekly planning and record keeping of individual children's learning. I met lots of different families and looked after children from different background's. I also attended training to keep up to date with the many changes within childcare and also prepared for parents evenings to discuss child's individual development and to discuss any other matters the parents may of had. I baby sat for a numerous amount of parents from whom children attended the nursery including their older siblings. I cared for longer hours in school holidays and prepared food and after the day put them to bed I worked as a private nanny for just over 3 years for 2 children. 1 boy who attended school where my job involved dropping and picking up from school, doing homework, providing meals and carrying out bed time routine. The younger girl was at a private nursery for a few hours a week so again my job involved dropping and picking her up from nursery. The little girl I cared for developed a brain tumor at the age of 9 months old and after several operations and chemotherapy was left blind and partially deaf. My job role for her involved attending the children's hospital for regular appointments, working alongside professionals being taught how to help the young girl deal with her loss of sight when returning home from nearly a year in hospital, I got taught basic braille to teach her whilst at home, everyday I dealt with a variety of different medication that I gave her daily. I had to plan activites tgatvwould help the girl with her development so took her lots of fun places. After school I walked them to the local park and drove to different places for after school fun. I then prepared meals and bedtime. After 2 years of working for the family the father moved to London for his new job so the mother required me to move in. I worked as a live in nanny until I went on maternity leave, unfortunately the nanny I replaced myself with the mother was not keen on her, I arranged to return to work sooner taking my baby with me which is what the mother agreed to, on returning to work I found out I was 21 weeks pregnant and after discussing what was better for her she decided to move to London to be with her husband and she found a new job. A couple of months after my second child was born I became a single mum bringing up my 2 children who are 11 months apart in age, my son is 5 and started school Sept 2016, my daughter is now in nursery and starts school September 2017. I own a car and I'm a non smoker, I'm very energetic and love to do fun things and enjoy days out with my children. At the moment i am also doing a degree with the open university but this does not impact on any job i may get. I am very hands on and don't mind taking on a role that includes light housework and any other things you as a family would need as I'm very flexible within my job role and I'm there to help you as a family and not just the care of your children although they are obviously the main priority. I provide excellent childcare and have high standards as to what I think a family would expect from a nanny I have the experience as a nanny but also now the experience of being a mother of part of a team to being a single mum who has no support until now giving me a more understanding of difficult situations. I have worked with family's from a variety of back ground including financial, religious, cultural differences, different job roles. From professors, doctors, journalists and many more. I have travelled with families abroad and gone for meals when needed.
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The average hourly rate for child carers in Halesowen is between £9 and £11
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FAQs for finding childcare in Halesowen

How much does it cost in 2022 to hire a childcare provider in Halesowen?

Hiring someone on to provide childcare services will cost an average of £10.00 per hour as of September 2022. This rate may vary depending on the experience each childcare provider has, how many kids you will need them to watch, the age of your children, and whether you need part-time or full-time childcare.

How can I find childcare help near me? currently has 8,739 childcare providers Halesowen. You can search for childcarers by their distance from Halesowen and by hourly pay rate. Then you can compare their experience, specific services they offer and what age groups of kids they specialise in caring for. You can also read reviews from other families in Halesowen that have worked with the childcarers you're interested in.

What interview questions should I ask a childcare provider?

You want to find a childcare provider that will get along with your kids, but also follows many of the same parenting ideas you have. Structure your questions around how your kids behave in certain situations and what the provider thinks is the best action to take. And because there are plenty of activities to do in Halesowen, you should ask questions about the fun things each childcare provider would do to keep your kids happy and entertained. Finally, ask each provider about their past childcare experience, references from other families in Halesowen and if they are certified in first aid.
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