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Real story: Managing different household employees

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“HomePay made all of this very easy and effective and made the transition to any new employee very smooth.”
~ Laura G. – Washington, D.C.

The Challenge

Laura has had several different household employees over the years – each with slightly different payroll needs. Her accountant was handling the tax and payroll work for her, but unfortunately would make errors from time to time. Understanding that household employment may require a more specialized approach, Laura contacted HomePay to see if we could help.

Our Solution

We spent time with Laura going over what the HomePay service does and how we can accommodate everything from full-time nannies to part-time caregivers. We assured her that our service was flexible enough to handle setting up payroll differently for each employee while also accurately tracking the correct deductions and benefits. We also showed Laura how she could pull documentation necessary for her to receive FSA reimbursement.

The Results

Laura was very pleased with the flexibility our service provides – and most importantly, that we never made a mistake with her taxes or her employees’ payroll. Her accountant still handles her personal income tax return needs, so she enjoys that we keep them in the loop by sending them her Schedule H during tax season and updating them with regular reports.

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