How We Partner with Home Care Agencies and Registries


With regulatory changes expected to drive more families toward private employment, we’re here to help you capitalize on this segment of the market without your firm taking on the risk and cost of being the employer or joint employer.


Our comprehensive payroll, tax and HR service handles all the compliance obligations on behalf of the family. Unlike commercial payroll companies, HomePay was built for household employment – handling the unique forms, deadlines, processes and labor law obligations with expert, family-friendly support as well as guaranteed accuracy and timeliness.

We can partner with your firm in one of two ways:

Referral Relationship

When you refer your clients to HomePay, we pay you a $250 referral fee for each successful referral.  You don’t have to become an expert in in household employment compliance or dispense tax or legal advice.

Just steer your families to contact us for a complimentary personalized phone consultation.  We’ll explain their state and federal obligations, walk them through tax breaks, help them with their employment contract and answer any questions they may have.  It’s all free and there’s no pressure to join.  Tell me more.

Integrated Payroll Solution

As a result of policy changes, some firms are adding a private employment option to their suite of services – providing ongoing care management services while letting the family be the employer.

HomePay is ideally suited to be the back-office payroll, tax and HR solution that ties seamlessly into your care management services.  Tell me more.