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When families hire a nanny, senior caregiver, housekeeper, personal assistant or other household employee to work in or around their home, they have specific federal, state and local payroll & tax rules to follow throughout the year.

The IRS, state tax agencies, and county or city municipalities set requirements for household employers that vary from what commercial employers must follow. It can be complicated to understand all the nuances, but that’s why we’re here – and both you and your caregiver will benefit from doing things by the book.

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W-4 Forms - Download federal and state income tax withholding forms for your employee to complete.

Federal I-9 Form - Required form for verifying your employee's employment eligibility.

Direct Deposit Form - To pay your employee via Direct Deposit with HomePay, please complete 

this form.


Workers' Compensation - Receive a free quote and purchase insurance coverage from HomeStaffProtect.

Background Checks - Gain additional peace of mind when hiring your caregiver. Benefits - Your caregiver can receive discounts on goods, services and insurance.