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Phuong H.

Koti ja puutarha — Helsinki 00410

Helsinki 00410
30 -vuotias
4 vuoden kokemus
Alkaen 20 /h

Tietoja käyttäjästä Phuong

My name is Phuong. I am a 30-year-old Vietnamese lady who is living in Malminkartano, Helsinki at the moment, I graduated from Metropolia UAS and have my own small handicraft business online at home.

I used to help several Finnish families for the house cleaning work as a part-time job, I used to work at Malaysian embassy as a personal cook, helped the ambassador for taking care of her children and prepared dinner for them. Besides, I like to cook and cook very well so I also could be your personal cook. (I like to cook more than cleaning, to be honest :) ) I have experience in preparing food for busy Finnish people and doing catering for the Free Evangelical Church of Finland. Hygiene passport I also have.

I am friendly, clean and tidy, responsible, trustworthy and careful.

When I helped other families, my tasks were mostly vacuum clean, mop the floor, clean the windows, the washing room, sometimes I helped them with laundry and dishes or cooking if needed. You can tell me your requirements. I got paid 20 euros per hour.

If you still looking for the helper and I can arrange my time, I hope I can have a chance to have an interview.

Best regards,


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