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Trine University

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Trine University

Errands & Odd Jobs Provider

In college I sold real estate, which led me to doing many different things throughout that time such as: House sitting, baby sitting, elderl... More
Child Care Provider

I have helped raise my sisters twin daughters who are now 3! I love to do new activities with children to keep their excitement level up. If... More
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Special Needs Provider

14 years experience with people who have disabilities.
Child Care Provider

I have huge family with a lot of younger cousins and I have taken care of many of them when their parents work or go on date night. I attend... More
Pet Care Provider

I have had fish, hamsters, cats, and dogs my whole life. I spent a two weeks watching my uncle's Great Pyrenees dogs. I've walked them, fed ... More
Child Care Provider

I am 20 years old and have a 9-year-old sister. I have been taking care of her ever since she was born. Parents were in the military/police ... More
Child Care Provider

Years ago when I was in high school, I did some babysitting for my moms friends children. Also, I have babysat a 1-year-old for a summer. I ... More
Child Care Provider

I am a college student looking to defray the cost of my loans. I love kids especially babies and would enjoy a full or part time position.
Child Care Provider

I am able to care for any age of child. I have watched my younger brother, cousins, and two little brothers from my home town. I am capable ... More
Child Care Provider

Hi, I am currently a college student. I care for my boyfriends 2 children (3 and 7) daily and I've babysat children of all ages. I also freq... More
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Featured Jobs near
Trine University

Posted in Housekeeping Job on 08/01/2015
We need someone to weed the landscaped (mulched) portion of our lawn, and clean out gutters of our two-story home in Angola, IN. This is a o... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 07/30/2015
Seeking a babysitter near Angola for 2 children. We're looking for a caregiver who likes being active outdoors. Looking to hire someone who ... More
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Posted in Senior Care Job on 07/27/2015
We need companion care to take care of my mother in Angola. Medication Management: Insulin shots.
Posted in Child Care Job on 07/22/2015
Seeking a babysitter near Pleasant Lake for 2 children. Hoping you can start immediately! Only need someone for the next 3-4 weeks.
Posted in Housekeeping Job on 07/21/2015
Looking for someone to help out, we both work and would love someone to have the house tidy and help get dinner started for us as we bring o... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 07/21/2015
We are looking for someone to pick our children up from daycare and start dinner for the whole family. Some occasional light housework also ... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 07/20/2015
Hi I'm Sam. I have two children. A 2-year-old little boy named B and a 7-week-old little girl named P. I am looking for a baby sitter that c... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 07/15/2015
Seeking a nanny near Angola for my daughter. Hoping you can start within days! Seeking someone to watch her during the day while my husband ... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 07/09/2015
Seeking an individual that can work in my home during the school year. I am a full-time teacher and needs a very responsible and reliable in... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 06/09/2015
I'd like to hire someone for an average of 20 hours per week at $12 per hour to help us with the following starting in August/September and ... More