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James Madison University

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James Madison University

Child Care Provider

With experience in after school care for elementary school children, as well as multiple years of volunteering for vacation bible school, I ... More
Errands & Odd Jobs Provider

I am a highly qualified newlywed with over 10 years of experience in theater and the teaching arts. I hope that we may be a good fit!
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Child Care Provider

I have been raised with two younger brothers whom I take care of frequently. I have had experience with younger children through coaching sw... More
Pet Care Provider

I have had many pets since I was very young I have had dogs and all sorts of pets. I was constantly catching turtles and frogs and keeping t... More
Child Care Provider

Hello all, My name is Kristin and I am a finance major at Jame Madison University. I am a part time cosmetologist and I am home from the sum... More
Child Care Provider

I have not had the opportunity to babysit much in the past, but I am studying to become an elementary school teacher, so obviously I love be... More
Pet Care Provider

With two dogs of my own in Pennsylvania, I would love to share my love for animals with your four legged friends when you need time away fro... More
Pet Care Provider

I'm an Elementary School teacher on summer break. I love animals! I especially enjoy dogs. I'm unable to have one of my own so I treat my si... More
Child Care Provider

I am a junior at JMU studying health science. I work part time at a pediatricians office and part time waiting tables. I also volunteer at G... More
Child Care Provider

I've taken care of both of my sisters children for the past 4- 5 years. One has two toddlers now but I've watched them both since they were ... More
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Featured Jobs near
James Madison University

Posted in Housekeeping Job on 07/04/2015
We're selling this house and removing everything from it on 7/6 and 7/7. We'd like the three bathrooms cleaned completely, cabinets and draw... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 07/03/2015
We are looking for a nanny for our 2-year-old girl in our home. We are looking for someone who likes to be outdoors and is willing to be cre... More
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Posted in Child Care Job on 07/02/2015
Need a babysitter for my 9-year-old. Full time, I work second shift. I'm off every other Monday and every other Thursday as well as every ot... More
Posted in Pet Care Job on 07/02/2015
We need a sitter to take care of 3 dogs in Harrisonburg. Has Feeding: When traveling on occasion. Waste Cleanup: Senior dogs, need assistanc... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 07/01/2015
I am in need of a babysitter twice a week on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. for my will-be 6-month-old daughter. I ... More
Posted in Pet Care Job on 06/30/2015
We need a sitter to take care of 1 cat in Harrisonburg. Has Feeding: Wet food once a day. Waste Cleanup: Daily litter box . Schedule Details... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 06/30/2015
We need a nanny for 07/10 to take care of 3 children in Singers Glen.
Posted in Child Care Job on 06/29/2015
Harrisonburg family needs a full-time nanny. Must love kids! Our ideal match will meet the requirements below.
Posted in Child Care Job on 06/27/2015
We need a babysitter for 5 days a week to take care of 3 children in Harrisonburg. About the family: Single mom.
Posted in Child Care Job on 06/25/2015
I've been a stay at home mom for the last 15 months. I am looking to get back into the workforce. The schedule would have some flexibility, ... More