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Cornell College

Cornell College
Child Care Provider

I grew up in a very big family, with 7 other siblings. I have two very young sisters, as well as an infant niece and nephew. In high school ... More
Cornell College
Child Care Provider

My name is Mandy and I am a recent College Bachelor of Special Studies graduate. During my time at college, I studied the technical aspects ... More
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Cornell College
Child Care Provider

I am 20 years old and I am coming back home to Colorado from college. I will be a senior in college and I am getting my degree in Elementary... More
Cornell College
Pet Care Provider

I am a responsible pet owner myself and have always taken care of large dogs, cats, and birds. While I have not had paid experience caring f... More
Cornell College

I've worked for the past two years at my college's Writing Studio as a Peer Consultant. I edit papers and teach students how to write more e... More
Cornell College

Coming from the tutoring department, alongside with 4 years of experience, engaging students to a fun, learning environment is crucial to th... More
Cornell College
Child Care Provider

I am currently CPR/First Aid/AED/Lifeguarding certified, so you can rest easy knowing your children are in capable hands. I have worked with... More
Cornell College
Child Care Provider

Ever since I can remember, I have cared for children. Once I was in high school, I started coaching and training kids of all ages in tennis.... More
Cornell College
Special Needs Provider

During my student teaching experience, I worked with three students who had special needs. I worked closely with these three students, tryin... More
Cornell College

Through work, I have tutored several dyslexic and special needs students in reading using Wilson Reading. I have worked with several differe... More
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Cornell College

Posted in Child Care Job on 04/21/2014
I am looking for part time care for my two children ages 6 and 3 for 2 to 3 days a week this summer.
Posted in Senior Care Job on 04/21/2014
Opening for a female helper who can transfer, do light house cleaning, prepare a meal if needed, and do odds & ends. It's easy. I only weigh... More
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Posted in Housekeeping Job on 04/14/2014
I am trying to find someone do regular, general cleaning for my parents, who live in Springville. They are 70 and 71. While they are able, I... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 04/07/2014
Looking for a part-time in home nanny beginning late November 2014. Three days a week, 9 hours per day. Starting pay will depend on experien... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 04/03/2014
Looking for help around the house with our 2 children (to be 3 in August) while my husband travels during the week. I work full time and the... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 02/23/2014
We are seeking an individual who can come to our home to care for our 3 y/o. -We do have him involved in a variety of classes/activities s... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 12/27/2013
We need a babysitter for our 1 child in Solon. And we're looking now!
Posted in Child Care Job on 08/06/2013
I'm looking for a great babysitter for 1 child. A car is not provided - please have your own. We're looking for a caregiver who likes being ... More