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Andrews University - Berrien Springs, MI

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Andrews University - Berrien Springs, MI

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Andrews University - Berrien Springs, MI

Child Care Provider

Hello! I'm Paola, a dependable babysitter with years of experience in daycare and babysitting. I have a background in Psychology. As a babys... More
Child Care Provider

I grew up in a large family. I am the second eldest child and oldest girl of 7 children. Naturally all the responsibility fell on me, but I ... More
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Child Care Provider

I am really good with kids. I am observant towards a child's behavior and I am really caring and patient towards kids.
Child Care Provider

Firstly, I do not have any first-hand nanny experience. I have, however, worked as a teacher's assistant in a kindergarten classroom, teachi... More
Child Care Provider

Hello. I am a mother of two precious boys who are already in school and I consider myself to be a devoted and fun mom. I have also worked at... More

I am a Social Worker and a mother of two children who are trilingual (Spanish, Portuguese and English). I was born and raised in Colombia an... More

Cleaning is one of my favorite recreational activities. It has positive therapeutic effect on me and delivers definite sense of aesthetic pl... More
Errands & Odd Jobs Provider

I can run just about any errand that you need run. Take your clothes to or pick them up from the dry cleaners, do your grocery shopping and ... More
Senior Care Provider

I worked as a lead hospital chaplain for 4 years in Colorado, and 1 year in FL before I became a full-time mom. I have cared for thousands o... More
Child Care Provider

I am a loving mother of 2 children and have been their full-time caregiver for over 4 years. My oldest will now be attending preschool part ... More
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Featured Jobs near
Andrews University - Berrien Springs, MI

Posted in Child Care Job on 08/30/2015
Seeking a nanny near Berrien Springs for 1 child. Hoping you can start soon!
Posted in Child Care Job on 08/28/2015
Seeking a babysitter near Saint Joseph for 2 children. Hoping you can start within weeks! Homework help: Check in with both kids to make sur... More
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Posted in Housekeeping Job on 08/28/2015
I am currently looking to arrange a cleaning service to come in once a month to do general cleaning at my house. I am flexible on the day of... More
Posted in Pet Care Job on 08/28/2015
As an avid dog lover it would be my privilege to be available to walk your dog or care for your dog, making sure he is let out during the da... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 08/26/2015
We need a babysitter for 5 days a week to take care of 1 child in Bridgman. About the family: Video games. We do have pets, so please consid... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 08/25/2015
Job Description: Rainbow Child Care Center is currently seeking enthusiastic, energetic, creative, loving and caring Lead and Assistant Tea... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 08/23/2015
Need someone to help with my 2 boys age 6 & 8 from 6:30am-8:30 and then after school from 3:30-6 p.m. Will need to feed them breakfast, hel... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 08/22/2015
I'm looking for a great nanny for 1 child. We require that you have your own car.
Posted in Child Care Job on 08/21/2015
I'm looking for a great babysitter for 2 children. Schedule Details: Schedule is still up in the air.
Posted in Child Care Job on 08/20/2015
We need a babysitter for our 2 children in Stevensville. And we're looking now! About the child(ren): We have 2 identical twin boys, age 3. ... More