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Adams State College

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Adams State College

Child Care Provider

I have helped my sister raise her two kids and I also helped my brother raise his baby boy until I got into college. I love working with kid... More

I used to help my aunt clean her house all the time. Every weekend I would vacuum and clean the bathroom. On any breaks I had we would clean... More
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Child Care Provider

I just had my first child in April. I have been a school counselor for nine years, working with children from preschool to high school. I wo... More
Errands & Odd Jobs Provider

I have over 10 years in Administrative Assistant fields, and would like to put these skills to work as a Personal assistant, hitting it on t... More
Pet Care Provider

I am a lifetime pet lover, and have owned several cats over the last 20 years, ones which I would consider being mine and not relying on my ... More
Child Care Provider

From the age of 14 until now, I have worked a few temporary babysitting jobs here and there. Recently, I have worked an internship that invo... More
Errands & Odd Jobs Provider

I am currently employed through Walmart as a Customer Service Manager and enjoy my career. I am looking forward to helping others who may no... More
Senior Care Provider

I worked as a social worker at a local nursing home for 9 1/2 years, having left that job about 2 years ago. I continue to be involved with ... More
Child Care Provider

I am the oldest cousin and sibling in my family so I was always volunteered to watch all of them when I was old enough. Then I watched a boy... More

As a certified educator, I have worked with numerous wonderful children over the past 10 years. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree with an emp... More
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Adams State College

Posted in Child Care Job on 09/29/2014
Date night jobs are for approximately 4 hours on a specific night, and pay a preselected flat rate. Here's what this family is looking for: ... More
Posted in Child Care Job on 09/16/2014
Someone who is good with babies, needed when spouse and I both work. Some Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Not necessarily weekly. Able t... More