Flipnastics Ages 7-10

Monday, Nov 29, '21 from 7–8:15pm EDT View the full series
In business since January, '13
7–10 yrs old
Drop-off: kids only
$28 2 spots left!
10% sibling discount available

Flipnastics is a Beginner Gymnastics Class for athletes looking to improve upon their skills and have a great time doing it!
We emphasize safety & success, and the fun never stops! Athletes of 7-10 years will be guided through step-by-step skill progressions, specific drills and strength exercises to take their skills to the next level!

Athletes will be working on:
Building strength & flexibility
Gymnastics body positions and correct form
Tumbl Trak - Jumps, Jump Combinations, Tumbling, Landing positions
Vault - Running techniques, jumping on the springboard, body positions on the vaulting apparatus
Floor - Cartwheels, Roundoffs, Back and Front Walkover, Bridge kickover, Handstands, Leaps
Bars - Grip strength, Pullovers, Chin holds, L-holds, Front Supports, Glides, Casts, Back hip circles
Beam - Routine skills, Cartwheels, Rolls, Handstands, Turns, Dismounts
Ropes & Rings - Climbing, Tuck and L-Holds, Grip strength
& More!

Drop Off / Pick Up Rules:
Parents must wear a mask at all times

COVID-19 Policy Updates
Athletes MUST wear a mask while not engaged in vigorous exercise
Athletes will be brought outside courtyard at the end of amp (weather permitting)
Parent/Caregivers must wear a mask at all times
Temperature checks will be given before your child enters the building
If an athlete has a temperature above 100.4 degrees or appears visibly sick we will not permit them into the building
Please bring your own water bottle, per CDC guidelines water cups will not supplied

Make Up Policy & Shutdown Updates
Email registration@flipoutproductions.com to schedule your make up class
Missed classes due to a COVID-19 shutdown are non-transferable, and non-refundable
No credits will be given due to a COVID-19 shutdown
Cancellations must be given at least 24 hours notice

Leotard or form fitting shorts/pants and a tucked in top
Long hair must be pulled back before class
Water bottle labelled with athlete’s name
Shoes and socks must be removed before class begins
Please no jewelry, skirts, dresses, or tights 

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