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Care Seeker FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions around using the site, finding care & more.

Managing Your Account


Using the Site


Managing Your Account

What types of membership does offer?
During the registration process on you will have the opportunity to select either a paid Premium Membership subscription plan or a free Basic Membership.

A free Basic Membership enables care seekers browse carers, share their needs by posting a job and receive applications. This will help you determine the number of people interested in your job. However, you will not be able to review the applications or send messages to carers unless you upgrade to a paid Premium Membership.

A paid Premium Membership enables care seekers to access those applications their job has received and to contact carers.

Why was my account not approved?
If you have received an email indicating that your account has not been approved, it is often a result of your personal information being incomplete, or incorrect. Make sure you read the email which lists the most common reasons why the specific field in your General Information was not approved. Visit your General Information Settings and double check that all information is accurate, and resubmit by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. You may also click here to go directly to your General Information Settings.

Please be sure you have submitted:

  1. Your full first and last name
  2. Your town and eircode
  3. A valid email address

Your account may also not be approved because we may have determined that you do not meet the eligibility requirements set forth in the terms of use for participating in We also reserve the right to not to approve your account for any reason or no reason, with or without notice. Furthermore, we have no obligation to notify you of the reason, if any, we did not approve your account.

Why was my photo not approved?
Use the checklist below to be sure your photo meets the following approval standards. Once you have found a photo that meets these requirements you can resubmit it by clicking here.

  • You as the member must be present in the photo.

  • Please be sure that you, as the member, cannot be confused with anyone else in the photograph.

  • Your face should be clear and facing the camera.

  • No sunglasses, hats, hair, or other things should be obstructing your face.

  • Do not submit pictures that are too blurry, or too dim.

  • Do not submit group photos or photos of you cropped from a group.

  • Do not submit photos with anything inappropriate in the background (e.g. alcoholic beverages).

  • The orientation of your photo must be uploaded correctly.

  • Photos cannot contain any contact information.

  • Everyone in the picture must be fully clothed.

  • Do not submit cartoons or other simulated images.

  • You must have all necessary rights to post the photo.

How do I edit my personal information? (Address, email, password, etc.)
It is important to keep your personal information up to date. At the top of your Account Info & Settings page you'll find your General Information. By clicking the Edit link you can update your name, town, eircode, email, phone number, etc. Please note that changes to your personal information may take up to 24 hours to be approved. If you need further help updating this information please email with detailed instructions as to your required changes.

Do people see my personal information?
Generally, the only private information we make publicly visible on is your first name, the first initial of your last name, the town and eircode area you live in. We may also share whether you have connected to through Facebook. Please visit our Privacy Policy for complete information about our information collection, use and sharing practices.

Please also know that any personal information you post in your job posting or other postings on the site will be visible to site visitors and or other members. Also, any personal information you include in your communications with other members will be visible to them. We encourage you to use discretion in sharing personal information with others.

Do people see my contact information?
Your contact information is kept private until you voluntarily share it with providers through private messaging. You also will notice that everyone on appears as first name and initial of last name only.

How do I reset my password?
If you have forgotten your password, just follow this link and enter your email address so we can send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

How do I upload a photo to my account?
You can upload a photo to your account by logging onto your account and clicking on the My Photos link located in the menu icon at the top left hand corner of your account. Click on camera icon and a screen will open where you can select the appropriate photo from your computer files. Please upload a photo no larger than 4 MB.

Once you have selected a photo you can edit it to accurately select how your photo is displayed on your profile or job post. Click the tick in the edit tool to submit your photo. After you’ve submitted a photo, it will go through a review process for suitability. Once your photo has been approved it will appear publicly on the website as part of your profile.

How do I unsubscribe from emails?
We do our best to only send you emails that are useful, but if you'd like to stop receiving some (or all) promotional emails from us, just click here. This will take you to the Privacy Settings and Preferences area of your account where you can specify which promotional emails you'd like to receive and which you'd rather not.

Please note that even if you opt-out of receiving marketing emails, we may continue to send you administrative emails regarding, including, for example, notices of updates to our Privacy Policy, if we choose to provide such notices to you in this manner.

How do I downgrade my account or cancel my subscription?
You've found your carer or service provider, and now you're ready to downgrade your account. Visit the Account Info & Settings page, and navigate to the Membership Information section about halfway down the page. Here you will find the option to downgrade your account. By setting your account to downgrade, you are telling your account not to renew at the end of your current subscription period, and you will no longer be charged.

You can perform this action well ahead of time so that it will automatically downgrade for you at the end of your current subscription period. Please note that once your account downgrades, you still retain a free Basic account that you can use at any time in the future. Also note that if you want to access any of the contact information that you've accumulated, you should write it down before the account downgrades to keep it for your own records.

How do I close my account?
You've found your carer or service provider, and now you're ready to close your account. Visit the Account Info & Settings page, and navigate to the Membership Information section about halfway down the page. Here you will find the option to downgrade or close your account. Please note that closing your account is a finite action and cannot be undone.


How do I post a job?
Posting a job is one of the most effective ways of accumulating quality, targeted applicants for your specific needs.

During the registration process you will be asked some general information about what you’re looking for, and then you can fill out a more detailed description, informing available carers what the responsibilities and expectations are for the position. Keep in mind that the information you post is visible to all, so use your best discretion as to what you include about medical conditions, special requirements and other sensitive information. You may also click here to go directly to your ‘My Jobs’ page to view your live jobs and post new jobs.

How do I edit my job post?
You can always edit, update or close your Job Post directly from your homepage. You’ll notice a menu symbol on the top left hand side of the screen which you can click on to reveal a list of navigational links. Among them is one titled ‘Post a Job’. By clicking this link you’ll see a list of your current open job posts, each with the option to view, edit, or close.

Please note that by default, your job post will be listed for three weeks from the posting date. You can change this date by editing the post and selecting the date you wish your listing to expire. Make sure you submit your changes when you are finished! You may also click here to visit your job page now.

How do I close my job post?
You can always edit, update or close your Job Post directly from your homepage. You’ll notice a menu symbol on the top left hand side of the screen which you can click on to reveal a list of navigational links. Among them is one titled ‘Post a Job’. By clicking this link you’ll see a list of your current open job posts, each with the option to view, edit, or close.

Please note that by default your job post will be listed for three weeks from the posting date. You can change this date by editing the post and selecting the date you wish your listing to expire. Make sure you submit your changes when you are finished!

How do I find my old job postings?
If you’d like to find the jobs you’ve posted in the past and view the list of applicants who applied to the job, just go to your My Jobs page. On this page, you will see a full list of the jobs you have posted. Typically, an old Job Post will have an ‘expired’ status. You can click ‘reactivate’ to edit and post the old job again.

Why was my job post not approved?
You will receive an email from us when your job post is not approved, and the email will indicate the most common reasons why a certain part of your posting was not approved.

The following list comprises the most common reasons as to why a job post may not be approved:

  • Job posts are visible to all. Do NOT include your phone number, email address any last names our children’s names. Additionally, do NOT provide specific locations or addresses.

  • PLEASE DO NOT WRITE IN ALL UPPER CASE LETTERS! It feels like we're being shouted at.

  • Be sure to include enough detail about the position so that your message is clear and can be understood by a broad audience. Try to avoid abbreviations, and if you're adding a lot of content, separate into paragraphs for easier reading.

  • Be sure that you have posted in the correct category, and make sure that all information is relevant to the position description.

  • Your subject line should be unique and specific. Instead of just writing "Dog Walker", try using keywords to help your post stand out, like "Searching for a Full-time, M-F Dog Walker"

  • Bullet Points are nice, but don't go overboard. Carers and Service Providers appreciate hearing your voice in the description, so please use complete sentences.

  • Be sure that your Account Information (full name, email, phone number, etc.) is accurate. Incomplete or false information will not be approved.

  • Businesses, companies, agencies, and organisations cannot use to hire employees.
  • Please check your spelling and grammar. Use the spell check on your web browser for assistance.

Why can't I reply to a job applicant's message?
If you find yourself unable to respond to your job applicants, you may want to check these two things first:

  1. You must be a Premium Member to contact other members on

  2. Be sure that you are logged into your account! Check the top right-hand corner and it should say 'Log Out' to indicate that you are logged in. If you are unsure, log out completely and log back in to ensure that you are logged in correctly.

If you continue to have trouble responding to a message, it may also be that the carer you are trying to contact is not available or has deactivated their account.

How do I block a carer from seeing my job post?
Job posts are searchable for all, and it is not possible to keep any one person from finding them on the website.

Using the Site

How do I search for carers or service providers?
You can browse and get in touch with local carers and service providers directly. Near the top of most of the pages on you’ll notice a search bar where you can enter your eircode. You can choose the type of carer you are looking for (childcare, elderly care, housekeeping, etc.) When you’re ready, click Go!

How do I sort and refine my search results?
Once you've run your search, the next page will list the results based on your chosen options. You will see that the left side of the page offers a variety of refinement options, including years of experience, availability, hourly rates, etc. There is also a Keyword Search option if you want to search for carers with particular skills and qualifications.

At the top of the list there is also a menu that allows you to sort the way you view the results by distance, experience and age.

Are all of the carers and service providers available?
Each of the profiles you view are managed by the carers and service providers that created them. We encourage carers to manage their accounts regularly to indicate if they have found a job or are no longer available to work. Also, when posting a job you need to indicate when and how often you need someone which carers see before applying to your job.

How do I contact carers I'm interested in?
You’ve browsed through a dozen profiles and now you want to contact your top candidates. At the bottom of a carer’s profile picture there’s a contact button for that particular carer. By clicking on that button a message box will appear where you can send a direct, private message through the website. After you’ve typed everything you’d like to say, just click the ‘Send’ button.

How do I view a carer's documents and certifications?
Within a carer’s profile you can view those documents that they have on file. All documents are approved by our Customer Care Team before appearing on a profile. We do not, however, guarantee the authenticity of these documents. We strongly recommend that when you meet candidates for the first time you ask them to bring along hard copies to review.

How do I write a review on a carer I've worked with?
Reviews are a helpful and public way of letting people know about your experience with carers with whom you have met or worked in the past. You will have the ability to write a review through your account at any time. Just locate the carer’s profile, scroll to the 'Reviews' section, and click the 'Write a Review' button. You may also go back to your conversation with a particular carer on your My Messages page and find the Review section at the bottom of the message thread.

Please note that all submitted reviews will undergo an approval process and may take up to 24 hours to be processed.

How do I report a concern to
To report a member or a concern to the safety team for review, you can email and provide the specific details of your concern or you can report your concerns directly through the website. In every message, job post, or profile, you will see a Report link on the right. Please note that reporting a member is a private communication between you and the Safety Team. This message is kept confidential at all times unless disclosure is otherwise required by law.

How do I list myself as a carer or service provider?
If you would like to list yourself as a carer or service provider, or to apply to Care Jobs through the website, you will need to create a secondary account to do so. Registering as a carer is a different process and requires a separate account. You simply need to log out of your existing account and register as a new member. You will also need a unique email address for each account you create. You’ll notice that the first question on the registration form asks if you would like to ‘Find Care’, or if you would like to ‘Find a Job’. By choosing ‘Find a Job’, you will be guided through a process that will allow you to create a profile and begin applying to positions at your own convenience.


How do I change my credit card on file?
To change your billing information, visit your Account Info & Settings page, and scroll all the way toward the bottom. One of the last sections is titled 'Credit Card Information'.

Why isn't my card being accepted?
The most common billing errors can be fixed by double-checking all of your input information:

  1. You must be located in the Republic of Ireland and have an Irish billing address.

  2. Your card must be a Credit or Debit card – no pre-paid cards, no gift cards, and no cards based outside of the Republic of Ireland.

  3. Make sure that all numeric information is accurate, and select the proper card type from the menu.

  4. The billing eircode should match the eircode you have on file. Check your General Information to be sure.

Less common errors may be included in the following list. In general, these errors indicate that you would need to contact your banking institution for more information.

  1. A new or recent address or name change may cause an Address Verification decline. If you need further help regarding updating this information, please email

  2. Insufficient funds.

  3. Your banking institution may require verbal confirmation from you directly. (This can sometimes happen with subscription services.)

How do I remove my credit card information from my account? forwards all credit card numbers it receives from members to our credit card processor for validation and payment processing. Once our processor validates the credit card information, we delete the credit card number from our database (with the exception of the last 4 digits). This deletion typically occurs within days of our receipt of your credit card. Accordingly, we only retain your credit card number (with the exception of the last 4 digits) for only a few days.

I think I've been double-billed!
If you first attempted to pay with your card, and if you were prompted to correct certain information or entered information incorrectly, your card will have been declined. This decline may appear as a pending charge on your bank or credit card statement.

Any pending charges you see as a result of a card decline will not translate to actual charges. You will notice, generally within one to three business days, that the "pending charge" you see will be removed from your statement.

If you need further assistance with the charges on your card from, please email with detailed information regarding your concerns.

How do I view the payments I've made to
You can view the billing history on your account by visiting the Account Info & Settings page on your account and scroll all the way toward the bottom. Under the last sections titled ‘Payment information’ you will see a link called ‘View Billing History’ at the bottom, below Credit Card on File. You may also click here.