Miracle Math Coaching Brain Based Learning Center

717 Texas Street
Fairfield, CA 94533

Miracle Math Coaching Brain Based Learning Center

717 Texas Street, Fairfield, CA 94533
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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 2008
Total Employees: 11-50
Awards & Accreditations
We are a member of the Learning & the Brain Society, the National Tutoring Association, and our program has been featured on the News 10 morning television show Sacramento & Company five times in the last three years!


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Ratings & Reviews

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Natalie W
My daughter has been going here for a over a year and I have noticed a big improvement in her confidence and abilities. I would definitely recommend Miracle Math if you are looking for extra help!
Michelle M
Our son Elijah is an energized 2nd grader who attends a Spanish Immersion program. Elijah has been attending Miracle Math Coaching Learning Center since March 2012.

The beginning of first grade, Elijah's teacher went out on unexpected medical leave. The absence of his teacher left the class with no structure, no curriculum, and numerous substitute teachers. As parents we tried our best to continue with what we could to encourage and help our son progress in his class. Unfortunately,
Elijah did not enjoy working with his parents. We decided to enroll Elijah in a tutoring center in hopes that they would be able to spark an interest in his learning, capture his attention and motivate him to do his school work. We needed a tutoring center that could help our son progress, move forward and succeed with reading and math.
How we came to Miracle Math was by chance. My husband was walking around waiting for our son to get out of his tutoring session with another center when a sign for the Miracle Math Coaching Learning Center caught his attention. He inquired within and was impressed with their program. Deanna Hurn, Educator took the time to understand what needs are as parents were for our son. She also took the time to meet with Elijah and get to know him.

We decided not to renew our contract with Elijah's first tutoring center as they were not able to meet our sons needs or our expectation of what tutoring was to entail. We were impressed with what the Miracle Math Coaching Learning Center had to offer - individualized learning and the ability to provide tutoring lessons in English and Spanish. We enrolled Elijah the same week after meeting with Deanna.

The Miracle Math Team has developed an individualized learning plan specific to Elijah to help him succeed and meet his fullest potential. Deanna Hurn, Educator works with our son's teacher to ensure they are actively working together to maximize our son's success in class. They offer summer programs for the kids that teach the students fundamentals in math and reading that is applied to everyday life. Miracle Math offers workshops for parents to educate them of learning programs and scholarships.

Elijah's coaches are an amazing group with a wealth of knowledge. They work together and are invested to ensure Elijah's continued progress. They have the ability to approach our son from different avenues in learning styles and gauge which will suit our son. Elijah's tutors have been able to connect with him in different levels to unlock his potential and his eagerness to learn. The tutors have a talent for teaching simple concepts as well as advanced in a superior manner. The Miracle Math team has been an exceptional tutoring center. The Miracle Math team is a pleasant and enthusiastic group. They demonstrate that they truly care for everyone they tutor/mentor.

The Miracle Math Coaching Leaning Center provides an open communication to keep us up to date of Elijah's progress. Our son's attitude towards homework has improved. He still doesn't enjoy doing homework with his parents. However, he will do his homework at Miracle Math. The Miracle Math Team has managed to encourage a positive learning environment for our son to thrive in.

We are truly thankful to the Miracle Math team for being a part of our son Elijah's success in school. They are instilling in our son an enjoyment of learning that other tutoring centers weren't able to do.

Warmest Regards,
Javier and Michelle M.
Sherri S
We were very concerned about our son's progress in math. We signed up for the program in February 2012. He was in the 2nd grade, but he was testing at the kindergarten level in math. Izaah was unable to grasp the concepts that had been taught in first grade. Consequently, he definitely was not keeping up in second-grade math. This started to affect his self-esteem and how he felt in class.

Before Miracle Math, Izaah was being considered for repeating the second grade, and possibly assigned special learning resources. Now, he's doing much better, and we're thrilled. His skills in math have increased dramatically. He will definitely enter third grade in the fall thanks to all of his Miracle Math Coaches.He was having a hard time doing simple subtraction. Now, not only does he know simple subtraction, but he also knows three-digit number subtraction and understands multiplication concepts.

I love the fact that Miracle Math Coaches always work with Izaah one-on-one. That is the reason we chose the program. Izaah had a personal bond and relationship with each of his Math Coaches.
We hope to continue with Math Coaching for as many years as necessary for our son to feel comfortable with math, whether that be in second grade or up through college. Who knows? Our son might be a Lego-scientist-engineer someday thanks to Miracle Math Coaching.

Sherri Shaw
Dorothy R
My daughter, Julianna R., was having a hard time in Math. She was behind and did not understand enough to ask for help. She could not figure out how to use formulas, and did not know how to work with shapes.

My daughter had a D in her math class. After a semester with Miracle Math Coaching, her grade went up to a B.

After getting coaching at Miracle Math, she understood the material, could do word problems and felt more confident. It's been a great help. Everyone cares and really wants her to do well. What we liked most about the Miracle Math Coaching program was the one-on-one help to get what the student needs without interruption.

Dorothy R.
Mary P
I found out about Miracle Math Coaching through my work-related contact with Deanna Hurn, the director.
My son, Jack P., had problems in retaining information read and expressing himself well in writing. His teachers felt that he was not putting in the effort to understand the questions and expanding upon what was being asked.

In the first semester of being in the Miracle Math Coaching program, Jack brought his grade in English up to a B. In the year that he has been in the program, his teachers have noticed a marked improvement and Jack has raised his grades overall.

Jack is now more expressive in responding to writing prompts.

What we liked most about the Miracle Math Coaching program was the ongoing partnership with my son's classroom teachers. One thing that differentiates Miracle Math Coaching from other tutoring services is the regular communication and contact with classroom teachers.

Mary P.
Nadia D
I have worked with Miracle Math Coaching for about 3 years when my daughter, Sabelle Dumas, needed help after failing her Geometry class. I had called around to various tutoring services providers and decided to go with Deanna Hurn of Miracle Math Coaching because she was interested in each student's individual needs.

My daughter was diagnosed with a mild case of dyslexia so it was really important for me to find someone who could change her methods according to how my daughter could understand math. Sabelle really needed that because all of her experiences with math before was failure, failure, failure - in grades, in not being able to comprehend. She has problems retaining formulas and frequently gets them mixed up. Some of her teachers just could not figure out how to communicate these to her. Deanna was able to find out how my daughter learned and then adjust her teaching method accordingly, which her teachers had been unable to do.

After working with Deanna, her grade in math went back up to a B+. Her overall grade point average went from 2.4 to a 3.3 and she is now enrolled in the college of her choice.

More importantly, there was a dramatic change in her self-confidence, as Deanna showed my daughter that there was nothing with her and helped her to realize that she is able to learn and understand math when it is shown to her the right way. The Miracle Math Coaching program has helped her gain the problem solving skills she needed and given her the confidence of knowing she can do it, that she has the ability to learn.

What we liked most about the Miracle Math Coaching program was the great one-on-one help as well as the personal relationship with both student and parents. It definitely worked for my daughter and I'm sure it will work for other students as well.

Nadia Dumas
Sabelle D
I enrolled in Miracle Math because I was failing math, and knew I needed to pass the class to keep on track with college.I was excelling in all other subjects but math I was excelling. But Unfortunate I was behind in work in math, lost in every lesson and failing tests.

Before the program, I had a D in geometry and a GPA of 2.8.
After the program, I raised my geometry grade to a B+ and increased my GPA to a 3.3. Now
I'am not as lost in math class. I am keeping up with the lesson and passing all of my tests.

What I most like about this program is the great one on one help Deanna and her teachers gave me. In the future, I plan to attend San Jose State University, where I was just accepted. I plan to major in marketing.

Deanna is a great person, very friendly, helpful, patient, and welcoming. She provides great help and develops a personal relationship with all of her students and their parents. Ive been in the program three years.
Dayna L
I've had trouble with math all of my life. I've always needed a tutor, but none of them helped and, more important, none of them made it fun.

When I enrolled in a statistics class my first semester, and I knew I was in trouble. To tell you the truth, on the first day of class, I couldn't even define the word "statistics."
I was not doing well at all in statistics. I wasn't passing the homework assignments so I stopped doing them altogether.I failed the weekly quizzes. I would show up for a quiz, and all I could do was put my name on the test.Everything else looked like a whole new language.My grade in math before the program was an F. My final grade in the class was a B.My school work improved dramatically. I finally could understand the homework and the tests.I got an 86 percent (a B!) on my first test after enrolling in Miracle Math.My grades have even improved since then.

What I loved most about the program was that Deanna made it fun. Being tutored is usually a total drag, and it would always put a damper on my entire day.When I first read about Deanna, she was described as "a math whiz with a personality." I thought to myself "That's impossible."Boy, did she prove me wrong. Deanna's Miracle Math program not only got me to pass statistics, but she made it fly by, she made it a lot fun.

My goal is to finish my four-year degree. I major in mass communications and journalism at Fresno State University now. My minor is political science, and I specialize in News Broadcasting. Ultimately, my long-term goal is to work as a broadcaster for a television network focused on politics.

Miracle Math made me realize that no matter how much you feel like you can't do something, you can. Never in my life would I have thought I'd even pass statistics, let alone earn a "B." It was pretty impressive. I learned that hard work pays off.Your whole life you hear the quote, "You can do anything that you set your mind to." Most of the time we don't believe it. But you should. And don't be afraid to ask for help. If you set your mind for failure, you'll fail.But, if you set your mind for success, no matter what the obstacle is, you will succeed.

Deanna truly is an inspiration to many and especially to me. When I came in for tutoring, she would make me laugh so hard my cheeks would hurt. When I made mistakes, she taught me not to be so hard on myself.She taught me how to laugh it off and keep going. She had faith in me, and it showed me I could have faith in myself. During my first sessions, Deanna saw how anxious I was about my homework. But, by the time the statistics final came, homework was a piece of cake.
I tried my hardest, I didn't give up and I went into the final anxiety and stress-free. And the only person I can thank for helping me through is Deanna (and my Mom for paying for the tutoring).

If you need tutoring, you cannot find a better way of improving your grades than signing up for Deanna's Miracle Math Coaching. Thank you, Deanna, for all of your help, support, encouragement, and motivation. You proved me wrong: You are definitely a math whiz with a one-of-a-kind personality!
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