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Housekeeper 12743 Leatrice Drive, Clermont, FL 34715

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Hello, I'm Jessica, owner/operator of Jaybird Cleaning. I've been in the cleaning business for the past 10 years. My mom was an owner/operator of a cleaning business for five years. I began by helping... More
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Clermont, FL
Trustworthy and Responsible Caregiver
I am a mother and a homemaker with attention to detail. I am trustworthy. I have experience cleaning my own home,...
Clermont, FL
Occasional/Part Time Light Housekeeping, Laundry, Cooking, Newborn Care
I am a registered nurse who possesses great organizational skills. I have good hygiene, a great work ethic, am...
Clermont, FL
Available Part Time, Call Me and We Can Discuss
I was working in housekeeping for a month at a resort, and my job was to pick up dirty laundry from the guest room...
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