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University of Maine - Machias

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University of Maine - Machias

Child Care Provider

I had worked at Open Arms Childcare in Columbia, ME, for about two and a half years after working 6 years as a mental health rehabilitation ... More
Child Care Provider

I am studying elementary education with a concentration in the fine arts at the University of Maine at Machias. I have spent over one-hundre... More
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Child Care Provider

I am a dependable and reliable caregiver with many years in daycare and babysitting. I am also flexible and adaptable with extensive knowled... More

I do not have experience as a tutor but I am taking classes on special education & am attending school to work with kids with disabilities. ... More
Errands & Odd Jobs Provider

I currently work as a Personal Support Specialist, where I take care of elderly & disabled adults doing housework, personal care, and other ... More

About 3 years ago, I used to work with my mother for a company that owned low income apartments. When people would move out, we would clean ... More
Special Needs Provider

My 18-year-old brother has special needs. He has been my inspiration for the career path I've chosen. I currently work as a behavioral healt... More
Pet Care Provider

I'm not sure there has ever been a time that I didn't own some type of pet. I've actually dog sat for a friend on multiple occasions. I curr... More
Senior Care Provider

I took care of my grandfather a few years until he passed away. I've been working with an agency for almost 2 years now, from which I could ... More
Child Care Provider

I have cared for children in various settings. I was a camp coach at my university for various sports teams for youth ranging from late elem... More
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University of Maine - Machias

Posted in Housekeeping Job on 08/26/2015
I am looking for someone to come in once a week for 4-6 hours to do basic cleaning, dusting, floors etc. I own a business and work from home... More