Senior Care Planning

Senior Care Advisors and licensed social workers guide employees through care crises and create a customized plan for adult loved ones.

  • Crisis and long-term planning
  • Access to licensed social workers
  • Ongoing case management
  • Onsite sessions and support groups
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Technology, powered by experts

With over 90 years of collective industry experience, our Masters-level social workers guide families through the complexities of adult care.

—Jody G.,
Senior Care Advisor

When I needed to go out for surgery I had no local support group. Then I found out there were services that were paid for by my company. They were great and made all the difference in my recovery.

— Employee, Gulfstream

Track ROI easily

Use our customizable, state-of-the-art HR dashboard to track real-time data.

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We’ve served 220 clients worldwide and we support over 1 million employees in redefining modern care benefits.

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