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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

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In business since: 2014
Total Employees: 2-10
Awards & Accreditations
TOP PRO in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

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8:00AM - 8:00PM
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8:00AM - 8:00PM
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8:00AM - 8:00PM
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Program Details
Small Group
One to one
High School
Elementary School
College/Graduate level
Middle School & Jr. High
Special Needs
Learning Disabilities
Academic Skills
English as a Second Language
Study Skills
Homework help
Subject Tutoring
Earth Science
Foreign Languages
Exam Prep
State Test Prep
Praxis prep
Bar prep
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Ratings & Reviews

( 12)
Matthew T
ConnectPrep took college advising and test prep to a new level. I applied to several direct med and
pre-med programs. They were very transparent about how competitive my school choices were, and taught me how to really differentiate my application. Everything from their unique strategies to the quality of the application material we submitted was a whole new level that would not have been possible without their help. They also helped me with SAT prep, where I received a 1590. I was accepted to schools such as Columbia, Rice, Brown, Case Western, Johns Hopkins, Pittsburgh, and Penn. ConnectPrep built my confidence and helped me achieve what I thought was not possible. An amazing experience!
Blaine M
Jeremy is an incredible mentor whose guidance directly impacted the course of my future. I originally worried about getting accepted to a good college, but ended up being accepted to my dream school: Cornell University. When beginning my college application process as a transfer student, I was completely overwhelmed. I had no idea how to properly navigate such a complex and important process. However, working with Jeremy provided me an innate sense of confidence, reassurance, and comfort as I completed my applications.

From working through multiple iterations of essays to discussing what factors I should be evaluating in each school, Jeremy's expertise was invaluable. My acceptance to Cornell, Emory, UGA, IU Bloomington, SUNY Binghamton & SUNY Stonybrook were only possible because Jeremy was in my corner.
Winnie C
I initially reached out to Jeremy for ACT tutoring for my son but in turn got so much more. Jeremy is very knowledgeable in every aspect of a child's high school and college experience and all that is expected of them. This knowledge was incredibly valuable to us. Jeremy was not simply a tutor to help with a test score but has become a mentor to my son and has stayed with us on the whole college journey. Jeremy is able to see a child's true potential and unlock the confidence they need to grow into who they were meant to be. He was with us from school selection, application essays, prepping for college interviews and reviewing acceptance packages. We were grateful that Jeremy was in our corner the whole time. My son is now heading to his dream school with an amazing offer.
Laura B
My daughter had a unique high school program, so it was essential for us to find someone who could help her navigate the college application process. Jeremy was an inspirational guide and mentor throughout. Jeremy's enthusiasm, positivity, and knowledge helped my daughter feel confident through what can be a very stressful time. He was very helpful in narrowing down which schools met the criteria my daughter wanted for her college experience. Additionally, as my daughter fleshed out the majors and programs she might be interested in, Jeremy had a lot of helpful suggestions which led her to understand what those areas of study entail. In fact, his suggestion of an online course for one of those interests, helped her understand she didn't want to do that at all - obviously this was very wise and I am sure ended up saving so much time, energy and money in the college years. Under Jeremy's careful guidance, my child's essays, resume and portfolio really coalesced into something that helped her to stand out in the application process. She applied to and got accepted by many outstanding programs, most with merit scholarship offers. Overall, I can recommend ConnectPrep and Jeremy without any reservation. Thank you Jeremy!
Jack L
As a 9th grader, I came to Jeremy confused about how I should spend my freshman and sophomore years preparing as much as I can for college. Jeremy has been a great counselor and advisor in setting up goals for high school and college. He has been incredible in helping me discover my path of interest and finding internships that will help me pursue those interests. He also helped me set straight all of my options regarding high school and academics. I went from unsure of my path going forward to being confident in the direction that I am going to choose through high school all the way to college. I would absolutely recommend Jeremy as a counselor for anyone in high school who is confused about how they should begin preparing for college.
Jenny H
I reached out to Jeremy after reading all the positive feedbacks. His services have been extremely valuable in helping my son (a 9th grader) in school course selection, summer activities, internship and extracurricular activities planning. He shared tailored ideas and advice that fit my son's strength and interest very well. His tutoring definitely helped my son to make well informed decisions, to start thinking more strategically in school and extracurricular activity involvement.
Jeremy is an excellent tutor and greater communicator. My son really enjoyed talking to him. I really appreciate the positive influence he has had. My son opened up a lot more and started sharing thoughts and discussing with us after a few tutoring sessions with Jeremy.
Jeremy was definitely my guiding light throughout the entire college process. He was more of a mentor and friend than anything, keeping me calm as I'm generally a more anxious person. In terms of ACT prep, he helped me raise my score from a 31 to a 34, which really boosted my college application appeal. He definitely takes a more friendly, positive approach to test prep which I enjoyed as I've had tutors in the past shame/degrade me for 'not knowing the answers.' I'm now a happy student at Northeastern, though I got into other schools including BU, Wake Forest, Villanova, etc., and I couldn't thank Jeremy enough for both his test prep and application help!
Raisa K
Jeremy was absolutely wonderful throughout my application process. He was very patient and worked with me as I struggled to brainstorm and outline my essays. My resume has now been updated into a more appropriate format with a clearer focus on my achievements. He was very flexible with my work schedule and budget, which I greatly appreciated as I had a lot on my plate during this time.

Being a transfer applicant, the application must be framed in specific way that reflects my academic goals and achievements. While I struggled to find the perfect words to describe my experiences, Jeremy helped me piece together concrete sentences and dramatically decreased the anxiety I'd felt around the writing process.

Jeremy took the time to understand my background, experiences, and goals, which helped build my story in essay format. I am very happy with the end result.
Samuel S
Jeremy and the ConnectPrep team helped me get into schools which I originally thought were beyond my potential. They build confidence and the mindset that you can achieve your academic goals from day one. I worked hard, but was able to structure my schedule and they kept me on track throughout the entire college application process. Not only was I accepted into my #1 school, but my overall confidence in my writing, interviewing, and test taking abilities increased dramatically. Since they can help you with any academic subject, I was also able to get some tutoring for my other classes. I can confidently say that Jeremy's work not only helped me get into Bates College, but it also helped me to thrive once I got here.
Scott L
Jeremy and the instructors of ConnectPrep are extremely knowledgeable of the whole "college application" process and know how to engage with and mainly get teenagers motivated. My ACT score has raised tremendously and I was accepted into the school of my dreams because of his work! I highly recommend ConnectPrep to anyone.
Eklavya C
Helped me reach the best version of myself and the best grades possible. Understood me on a personal level and made every effort to tailor my experience perfectly for me. Would absolutely recommend this service to anybody considering it.
Michelle W
An Excellent Education company that understands how to teach students with different learning styles. They stand out from the rest with their expertise in Academics, Test-Prep, College Counseling, and Executive Function Coaching!
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Math English as a Second Language
Reading Vocabulary
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