Noe's Garden - Magical Online Music Class for Children aged 0 - 5

Weekly on Tuesdays from Tue, Jun 9 to Tue, Aug 25
Tue (7/14) 1–1:40pm (40 min) Drop in for $25
Tue (7/21) 1–1:40pm (40 min) Drop in for $25
Tue (7/28) 1–1:40pm (40 min) Drop in for $25
Tue (8/4) 1–1:40pm (40 min) Drop in for $25
Tue (8/11) 1–1:40pm (40 min) Drop in for $25
Tue (6/9) 1–1:40pm (40 min)
Tue (6/16) 1–1:40pm (40 min)
Tue (6/23) 1–1:40pm (40 min)
Tue (6/30) 1–1:40pm (40 min)
Tue (7/7) 1–1:40pm (40 min)
Tue (7/14) 1–1:40pm (40 min) Drop in for $25
Tue (7/21) 1–1:40pm (40 min) Drop in for $25
Tue (7/28) 1–1:40pm (40 min) Drop in for $25
Tue (8/4) 1–1:40pm (40 min) Drop in for $25
Tue (8/11) 1–1:40pm (40 min) Drop in for $25
Tue (8/18) 1–1:40pm (40 min) Drop in for $25
Tue (8/25) 1–1:40pm (40 min) Drop in for $25
In business since September, '16
up to 5 yrs old
Optional: adults can stay or take a breather
$240 $140
100% sibling discount available

Start your young child’s day off right with Noe’s Garden singalong! Our interactive music class centers nature and connection. It’s gentle, soulful, and a whole lot of fun.

Bring your own instruments to play and sing along with beloved folk songs from around the world, as well as Noe’s nature-themed originals, accompanied on guitar, Celtic harp, and mountain dulcimer.

In addition to providing a rich musical experience, Noe’s Garden also supports children’s emotional development through story and puppet play.

Each class features an appearance by a toddler - aged puppet named Little Seal. Together, Noe and the seal talk through common toddler concerns like

“When will Mama play with me?”

"Why does the postman wear a mask when he delivers the mail?"

“Why can’t I see my friends right now?”

Using the same gentle parenting approach she uses with her own children, and combining this with the uplifting power of music, Noe offers a class experience to help families remember that whatever happens, it’s all going to be okay.

We meet online, via Zoom. All you need to join us is a laptop, tablet or phone, and an internet connection.

KIND WORDS: (Thank You!) 🙏🏼

"Your beautiful voice and positive presence put a smile on my face and brought joy to our home in a real time of uncertainty and stress.” - Nisrene, San Francisco, CA

“Sweet, lovely, engaging, and heartwarming… Filled with lovely songs and gentleness. We hope to attend again.” - Thekla, Portland, OR

“We’ve known Noe for years now and just adore her and her magical class… I am brought to tears each and every class by the loving community and heartfelt music.” -Rebecca, San Francisco, CA



If you’re new to our class, you can try your first class for free with code SEALLOVE.   Thanks for your interest in Noe’s Garden!

After your first class, we offer three ways to register:

1)  Purchase the FULL SESSION ~ $20 / class, plus come for free anytime

This is our most cost effective option, with one special addition unique to the COVID times.

Here’s how it works.   You register for the weekly class day/time of your choice.   Upon registration, you’ll receive a code.   Use this code to drop in for free at any of our weekly meetings.   You can use the code as many times as you want, attending class up to three times a week, for just $20 per week.

2)  Purchase a CLASS PACK ~ Prepay for 5 classes at once ~ $22 / class

If you know you’d like to join us for multiple classes, but don’t want to commit to a specific day of the week, our class pack option is for you.   When you purchase a class pack, you pre pay for five classes at once at a discounted rate.   The class pack works like a credit that will be automatically applied when you register.  

3)  DROP IN ~ $25 per class, register up until the time class starts.

With drop in, you can join us for a one-off, any time.

4)  SCHOLARSHIP ~ Pay what you can

This class is no one turned away for lack of funds.

If you are under financial hardship right now due to COVID, please fill out this form to secure a Noe's Garden scholarship.

To keep the administrative load manageable for me as a one person operation, scholarships are reserved for those families who would like to join us for the full session.

Thank you so much for supporting this offering, and letting us support you. It takes a village!


This sing-along starts at 10:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time. (West Coast time, USA.)

We'll be ready to receive you 5 minutes before class starts, so we can all get settled and say hello. 😊

 To join, just click the link near the top of this message, right next to "Where."

If you've already successfully used Zoom before on this device, the software will automatically open when you click the link. If you've never used Zoom before, you'll first be prompted to download the software. This software is free, safe, and trusted by businesses around the world. (You're in good hands!)

After the software downloads, it will take you to our meeting.

You'll see a window with a green button to "Join Audio Conference by Computer."

Click this button, and that's it! You're in!

You may see yourself on the screen too, depending on whether or not your video is turned on. You can change this setting by pressing the button in the lower left hand corner of the screen, the one marked with an icon of a video camera.

Then you're good to go. ✨💛✨


If you're on time to class, you'll hear me explain the following when we start.

However, if you're running late, and miss this intro, the following info may be helpful.

Zoom has two possible screen views. Speaker view shows me, the teacher. Gallery view shows everyone attending, each in their own little window. You can toggle between these views with a button in the upper right hand corner of your screen.


Always, if anything technical prevents you from joining us, whether on your end or on mine, please reach out to me via email.

I care about you, and I promise I'll do all I can to get you sorted, including issuing any necessary refunds or credit.


I invite you and your child to participate however you can! If you have instruments at home, feel free to use them! In particular, you might want to gather:

1) An egg shaker or shaker of your choice. (Spice jar works, too! Ideally plastic to minimize possible breakage. )

2) Something to wave. (A silk scarf, bandana, or even dish towel. Whatever you have on hand that you and your child can enjoy dancing around with.)

3) Your choice - Ukulele? Xylophone? Tambourine? Pot to bang on with a wooden spoon? Anything that can be used as instrument is welcome!

5) A lovey. There will be a moment where I put a doll to bed and sing a lullaby. Your child can rock their lovey to sleep along with me. :)
All of the instruments above are optional. You don't need to have them to participate in class, but it's fun if you do!


Q. I could really use some time to get a few things done. Can my child attend without me?

A. Yes, your child may absolutely come on his or her own. Some parents and caregivers join with their children. Others take the opportunity to get a few things done while their child is entertained. Both ways of attending work when it comes to this class, and both are welcome.

Q. Are the songs we sing in class available on recording?

A. Yes! To support families in learning the songs we sing, we have eight seasonal albums of recorded music. You can find them here:

Q. Sometimes, in your online materials, I see the name Meadowlark. Why is that?

A. Our class used to be called Meadowlark Music Class. We recently changed it to Noe’s Garden.


Wishing you and your family health and safety in this time, and I look forward to supporting your family with gentle, joyful music making!
If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

In Love and Music,






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