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Energetic Student
| I am 18 years of age and a first year student at Lincoln University studying Environmental Management. Solving environmental issues and enabling a sustainable future is my passion and what I want to invest my life doing. I am looking for full time or part time work over the summer university holidays. I am looking for work in an area that interests me and in which I have some knowledge. In 2015 I spent my Year 12 year away from my home and attended an Outdoor Pursuit Academy at Cromwell College in Central Otago. This opportunity gave me the experience and knowledge of a wide range of outdoor activities including tramping, rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, and snow sports. I enjoyed learning about countryside I was living in and I developed a personal and deep appreciation and understanding of the natural environment and its sustainability. I believe that my experience also provided me with significant skills and knowledge of outdoor clothing, equipment, technology and the environment. I have taken visual art every year throughout my high school career and have recently achieved NCEA level three and U.E. with merit endorsed in visual art. I have a creative mindset and enjoy developing my artistic skills and ideas. This skill and passion has enabled me to have a broad and accepting approach to life. I am from a Hawkes Bay farming family and have participated in competitive equestrian sports all my life. My equestrian background has taught me to be very calm under pressure and develop a willingness to take on responsibility and work hard to meet the needs of animals, people and the environment. I am an outgoing, positive young woman who has a sense of humour. I have been working with different kinds of animals my entire life. I was a stable hand for 4 years caring for competitive horses. This included: • Mucking out stables and paddocks • Taking off covers • Feeding horses • General daily care and handling of horses • Organisation of horses • Organisation of equipment I have also dog-sitted since 2010. This includes feeding, exercise and general care. I am very confident around any sized dogs and any personality.
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