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Elena Eunice Abigail C.
Elena Eunice Abigail
  • From $9
  • Sandringham
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Dog lover, I personally believe that they are one of God's greatest gifts to humans.
| I am a dog lover. I do have 7 dogs back in the Philippines. I personally treat dogs like my kids, they have to be treated with unconditional love just like how they shower us with their love.
Eunice is currently looking after my 3 month old baby. I am so happy I met her. It feels like a weight lifted of my shoulder. I am so happy. she's so confident and so amazing with baby. I am hoping to have her long term and I appreciate everything she has done. She's is so lovely and highly recommend her service to anyone."
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Reviewed by Veisinia V.
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The average hourly rate for dog sitters in New Zealand is between $11 and $15
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