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Mariah K.
  • From $30 /hr
  • Ranui
Experienced, respectful, trustworthy, friendly, fun, loving, patient, kind, caring and understanding.
| I am currently studying a bachelors in teaching early childhood education and have been working in the industry for 5 years. I am passionate about working with infants and toddlers but am open and willing to work with children from all age groups. I have previous experience working with children aged 3 months old to 5 years old. I aspire to gain as much knowledge and experience as i possibly can. I am currently working in a centre, we practice primary caregiving, this basically means I am responsible for 6-7 children and taking care of their needs eg: nappy changes, bottles, sleep.(these children are booked in 5 days a week) I love the thought of primary care giving as this allows me to focus on a selective group of children and build strong and trusting relationships with them and their families. We also practice Rie philosophy which means we will not place a child in a Position that they cant get themselves into eg: sitting up, up onto play equipment etc this allows them to develop at their own pace and reach their milestones when they are ready, it also encourages them to gain control of their body and so much more. Rie philosophy is all about respectful practice and relationships. I will ask a child if i can change their nappy, wipe their nose, lift them up etc. giving them the opportunity to make their own decisions. If they do not want to i will leave them for a while explaining i will be back shortly to change them. This gives the child the chance to Finish their play and encourages them to let me know when they are ready. This is so important to me as i strongly believe respecting a child's decision is an important way to build trusting relationships. I've found now, when i ask to change a child's nappy etc. that they have such trust in me that they are willing to drop what ever they are doing to come with me, knowing they will be able to return to their activity once their nappy is changed. I love to utilise these moments with the child by singing, talking and focusing my full attention on them. I am passionate about being outdoors and using my surrounding environment as a "third teacher" (There's a saying in early childhood education: we teach children life long lesson and in return they teach us, not only are we teaching but we are learning as well.) Using the environment to do so is just an added bonus. I believe children learn so much when they are given the opportunity to actively explore throughout their environment. To me splashing in puddles and getting muddy is a fun and Wonderful learning experience for your young ones. Encouraging children to explore through their senses has a huge impact on their learning and development and this is one of my strengths as a teacher. Play is the highest form of research ~ Albert Einstein.
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The average hourly rate for home based childcare in New Zealand is between $18 and $23
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