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| Dear family, I am a French/English language teacher and an experienced nanny in Zurich, on my 30’s. My experience with children has so far been deep, joyful and fruitful and it is my life’s goal to help nourish their imagination and creativity, as our hope for a better future, rests only in them. Working experience: 2,5 years at the MIC Montessori Kinderkrippe as an English language teacher (I currently continue my work there at 20% – 8h/week – 2 afternoons), 2 years in 4 families in Zurich-Switzerland as a French/English language teacher and a nanny in Zurich-Switzerland, 1 month in a Greek family during their summer vacation (3 children: 5, 10 10 years old) as their English language teacher and their nanny in Skiathos-Greece, 1 year at the Organization “Arch International”, living with, teaching and caring for mentally and physically disabled children and young adults, 1 year in two Dutch families (2 children: 3 and 5 years old / 1 child: 10 months old) in Brussels-Belgium, 1 year in one Russian family (1 child: 3 years old), 1 year in a Dutch family (3 children: 6, 14, 17 years old), 5 years in a Greek family (2 children: 0-5 and 0-3 years old), 6 years in total as English/French language teacher (private language courses) in Athens-Greece. (References / contact information from all the above is available at any time.) I love working with children and my profession makes my life brighter. As a person I am active, healthy, sporty, responsible, with lots of interests, mostly on the domain of Art. I am into travelling, handmade creations (I knit and make small jewelry) and playful/sporty excursions. I do not smoke, I do not have any tattoos, I am comfortable with domestic animals and I love cooking Mediterranean food. I speak perfect English (Proficiency) and French (University Studies) and my level in German is adequate. I continue with my German courses. I also speak a bit of Flemish and Italian. I might continue my work at the school at the moment, but I AM LOOKING FOR A FULL-TIME OCCUPATION. The school is accordingly informed and agreed upon such arrangement. I combine emotional and professional approach to each child's needs, in my effort to provide a safe, caring, teaching environment for them. I am more than happy to provide you with further information, references or any other documents you may require, before or during an interview in person. I am also available for a Skype video conference or a conversation over the phone. Best regards, Karyoti
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