Zen Kitchen - Sous Chefs Club

Weekly on Tuesdays from Tue, Jan 5, '21 to Tue, Feb 23, '21
Tue (1/5/21) 3:30–5:30pm PDT (2 hrs)
Tue (1/12/21) 3:30–5:30pm PDT (2 hrs)
Tue (1/19/21) 3:30–5:30pm PDT (2 hrs)
Tue (1/26/21) 3:30–5:30pm PDT (2 hrs)
Tue (2/2/21) 3:30–5:30pm PDT (2 hrs)
Tue (2/9/21) 3:30–5:30pm PDT (2 hrs)
Tue (2/16/21) 3:30–5:30pm PDT (2 hrs)
Tue (2/23/21) 3:30–5:30pm PDT (2 hrs)
9–15 yrs old
Optional: adults can stay or take a breather
100% sibling discount available

A weekly 2-hour online culinary social club for kids that delivers essential lessons and techniques and culminates in a fantastic home-cooked meal to share.

We welcome chefs between the ages of 9 and 15 (inquire about other ages). Since a chef's level of comfort in the kitchen doesn't necessarily correlate to their rotations around the sun, we have divided this course into a beginner and advanced version (the recipes are the same).

THE COMMIS CHEFS CLUB (Wednesdays) will be slower paced for chefs that are still getting comfortable in the kitchen. This level goes a step above the basics (though we’ll make sure to cover those too). You’ll develop your current skills and hone in techniques for the culinary fundamentals. You’ll learn the right tools for a task, and how to safely use the oven and stovetop to prepare delicious food.

THE SOUS CHEFS CLUB (Thursdays) is more technical and will go at a quicker pace (while still ensuring no one is left behind). If you feel pretty comfortable in the kitchen and are ready to enhance your abilities or expand your culinary horizons, this is your level. This club is designed to help you cook at home with better organization, stronger skills, and a more thorough understanding of how to make ingredients sing.

This autumn, join us from your home kitchen as we unleash our culinary creativity through delectable dishes based on scrumptious seasonal ingredients. Each week we’ll utilize skill-based, hands-on, whole-foods cooking to build motivation and confidence in the kitchen. Students will gain an understanding of foundational cooking techniques that encourage them to be intuitive, creative chefs. This immersive, interactive, and empowering cooking club is a supportive space where the next generation of cooks can learn to nourish themselves using all of their senses. Food opens the mind and connects it to the body making for an authentic starting point where children can communicate and celebrate diverse perspectives, experiences, and understanding amongst a supportive community of students who love to cook!

Ingredient lists are provided ahead of time so you can plan your shopping. Our flexible recipes are designed in such a way that students will be guided (and encouraged) to switch things up when appropriate. We will happily make suggestions for substitutions. Cooking is all about getting creative and using what's available, seasonal, and delicious to you.

All participants will receive detailed welcome instructions, a supplies list, and template recipes before classes begin in order to be prepared with everything they need to succeed. Past recipes included: Pot Pie with Grannys Biscuits, Enlightening Empanadas, Oven Fried Chicken, Chocolate Lava Tartlets, Crunchy Munchies, Rainbow Nourish Bowls, Umami Ramen, Creative Curry, Handmade Pasta, Sweet Potato Bronies, Infinite Muffins, and so much more!

Siblings are free! Families using one device for multiple children need only to register once for the family. If you sign up separately, we will assume you are opting to pay more as a means of supporting our work.

We look forward to seeing you in the kitchen!

You may sign up for the whole term (for a discount) or opt to come week-to-week on a drop-in basis. We reserve the right to cancel multi-day camps and classes 3 days prior to their start date due to low enrollment for a full refund.

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