Path to Panacea

We enhance the vitality of future generations by supporting families in an exploration of positive practices. Mindful, adventurous eating habits lay the foundation for cultivating a lifetime of health. Our holistic culinary education and lifestyle programs are rooted in the soil and steeped in grandmother’s wisdom. We encourage wholesome relationships with nourishing foods by integrating an individual's innate curiosity with creativity and education. Path to Panacea offers virtual cooking exploration for youth and teens. During our program, young chefs will be fully immersed in the cooking process and learn valuable tips, tools, and techniques along the way. Your child will have the opportunity to explore ingredients and prepare delicious, seasonally-based menus while connecting with others.

We believe the kitchen is a safe and fun place to explore, ask questions, and learn. The benefits of teaching children to cook are many: to develop independence and self-sufficiency; to increase awareness of healthy choices and nutrition; to make science and math concepts come alive through real-world applications; and to practice or reinforce the 21st century skills of collaboration, time management, communication, and problem-solving. Food connects the family and the community and cooking for others shows that we care.

We go beyond following a recipe (though, we’ll certainly learn how to) and step into the skills-based world of cooking from scratch, which will inspire students to keep an open mind as to what is possible. This encourages autonomy by allowing them to adjust flavor combinations while testing new ideas and concepts in the kitchen. Our primary focus is to have FUN and CONNECT while building life-long skills and creating delicious family memories.

In business since September, '17
Alicia Faris

Chef Alicia is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist empowered to enliven whole foods cooking for the next generation. As a Reggio inspired educator, she sees children as competent, curious, and creative, and believes the...

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Path to Panacea