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Meadowlark is a nature – inspired music class for young children and caregivers, led by acclaimed indie singer-songwriter Noe Venable. We sing songs from around the world. Singing, chanting, movement, fingerplays, and play along instruments make this a class the whole family will enjoy.

No prior musical experience required!

How our class is different:

1) It’s nature inspired

At Meadowlark, we sing songs that will help develop your child’s nature sense. But at Meadowlark, nature includes more than just the things we see every day. We also sing about fairies, mermaids, and other legendary creatures. At Meadowlark, we remember what it’s like to see life through a child’s eyes. Our class honors and nurtures the magic of this time.

2) It’s gentle on the senses

Created by an experienced Waldorf teacher, Meadowlark is gentle on the senses. To prevent overwhelm, we balance exuberant moments with quieter ones. Each class also includes a restful lullaby time and puppet show.

3) It’s about connection

Our class attracts a very special group of people— mostly parents and a few wonderful nannies who are deeply present with and for their children. We love witnessing the connections that develop between members of our circle.

Because this is the deep purpose underlying everything we do:

At Meadowlark, we are building a village, one musical circle at a time.

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Noe has three main interests in life– music, nature, and fostering human connection. These threads come together for her in teaching. Whether hiking a trail with a parent-child group or leading a group of women in so...

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