ELEVATE offers teams that emphasize skill development, teamwork, and a positive coaching environment. Teams are open for Boys 2nd - 8th grade and Girls 3rd - High School.

* SEASON DETAILS - The Spring season runs June - July.  Summer Season Cost = $650 

* GAMES / TOURNAMENTS Teams will play ~4 local tournaments, likely every other weekend on a Saturday or Sunday (maybe a few instances of Saturday and Sunday tournaments) OR be entered into the MVP Flight League (8 game season on weekends - plus potentially two additional games if make playoffs).  This will be communicated once teams are formed and we determine what would be the best experience for the Team.

* PRACTICES will be held 2x a week at Elevate. Typically 75 minute practices between 5-9pm,

* COACHES are paid for their time - energy - effort and organization.  We have a lot of coaches that coach at the high school level and have years of experience in youth basketball.

* TEAM FORMATION - If we have enough athletes to form two teams at a specific grade level - teams will be formed based at the discretion of the program director. Traditionally at the younger grades we have tried  to balance talent across teams and at the older grades we often create an A and B team.  Team assignment would take place during first week of practice after evaluations have been completed.  Our goal is to find a place for everyone and for each team to have a positive and uplifting season! We try our very best to be a no cut program that is inclusive and kids and families are proud to be a part of.

** Coaching Fees
** Gym / Practice time - 2x a week
** Tournament team entry fees (includes refs) and/or Team League entry fees

What Fees DONT Include:
** Travel costs (hotels / food), parent / family entry fees into tournaments
** Uniform - if you need an Elevate uniform you need to coordinate through Jim Croy - jimcroyelevate@gmail.com - there is an additional $110 fee for Elevate Uniform.